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indicando - Kalashnikova - 28/04/11


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Received the seeds the 4/20 amazing gift with the DVD of SH-INDIA

This time I will go guerrilla but germination and a bit of veg period will be in a wooden 'stealth' box with a blue clf

this because I wanna give them good care for a good start..then they will be placed in small/medium pots with the remaining soil from last crop...it's cellmax light mix ...really happy with that..so the 28th I placed 6 seeds into jiffys,

1 seed of the pack was cracked so I opened it and notices was sprouting in the plastic bag! too bad I coudnt save it..

Will update when they sprout.

Keep it Green!

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I been away for a while and busy...

well the outdoor is wrecking them up

only 1 plant looks barely healthy

they have unfavourite conditions

pests, too much watering, high pH water, no nutrients

the best one is probably 25cm after all this time

other 2 are left but I don't know if they will survive

I think im gonna move back to indoor soon..

Might gonna trasplant them today to a safe bushy location

then I'll show some pics :)

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Guest simone76

Hello. Sorry my friends if interfere in your discussion but I'm interested too. Here inItaly, and 'very dangerous to growing insurgency in the woods' cause in addition tohelicopters, to people who are curious, especially because' there are many controls in the countryside because 'almost all the fields and woods and' very much under controlbecause of the gang of drug dealers of hard drugs like 'with these reasons and' hard to grow in places away from home.

If you grow just one or two plants on the balcony or the garden. In southern Italy butthere are millions of commercial outdoor growers but we are talking of hectares ofcrops, in Calabria, Sicily, Puglia, etc. ...... that the police did not even time to lose one or two plants!!

But 'I know that in Holland you can grow freely up to six plants so' you have no problems

What say you?

Hello, Simon ...

I ask again sorry if I intruded ..:-)

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So, been to see the girls, scared of the last days heat..

they are doing "fine" just surviving the tough enviroment

they have some pests, leaves has been munched a bit

so I gave them a 3ml/L B'Cuzz A+B about 1.5L per plant

They haven't really grown much...its still vegging period

so...can't expect much either..I guess

Kalashnikova 1


Kala 2


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Today, I really need to go check the plants

meanwhile last night my mate brought me to this plant of a friend

I think is a sativa, it's still in a pot, so well, might be really good to plant it in the ground

I was thinking to top her (probably 70 cm plant now), she's already starting buds! like the sick kalashikova showed first

white hairs! Hope the other two in the field recovered from bugs after the neem oil, bringing them

more water and another spray of neem oil...maybe after topping I can take also a couple of clones

what you reckon?


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sad for your babys man, looks like a big overwatering no? maybe you've had a big rainy day recently.

Did you put the big girls in soil yet? or did you leave her in her pots?

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Hey Indicano

I was looking at he soil and surrounding vegetation, it looks like a tough site to grow.

In such conditions i would dig a hole and fill with good quality soil, up to inch below the surrounding soil surface.

Then top up with the soil you dug out to make the surface level.

Then a light scattering of the twigs and dried leaves of the local plants , which were on the ground to disguise the fact there was a hole dug there. Trying to blend in and make it look as natural as possible (camoflarge).

Then scatter any remaing soil that you dug out, around the area so it does leave obvious mounds and any signs of recent earth movements.

Poor soil will give poor results , a good soil with high organic matter content will retain moisture and have better nutrient value.

As for that sativa, she looking nice , if you worried about her being seen, you could plant her at 45° and train the top down with cord/string (using a dark colour).

This will stop her looking like the classic christmas tree shape. The buds will grow upwards along the length of the plant.

Doing this will give the plant a lower profile, so less easy to spot by people on foot and less obvious from the air as it doesn't fit the usual shape they try to spot.

As was mentioned earlier, the chopper coppers aren't after one or two plants.They look for patternation created by planting lots of plants we as humans love equal spacing and straight lines. This stands out because nature does not grow that way.

Good luck with all you do and happy growing,teeth_smile.gif

p.s let me know when you head for the hills this autumwink_smile.gif

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