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indicando - Kalashnikova - 28/04/11

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Thanks for the post lamsbread,

well about digging the holes..we thought about that, but since we had like 9/10 seedlings and wanted to do a real

natural grow to see how they copied on this soil/enviroment...was bad luck ofcourse..

in the end they survived in 2..and if you see when we did start was end of April..which is crazy

in good conditions now we would have got trees...but my mate felt safer this I didn't want to dictate the rules.

Also we had the pH tester un-fased so even when we tryed to give the right nutes...we gave wrong pH...

it's good we layed low, but next year we will bloom. Good projects going on thru our minds..thanks to ganja thoughts.

For that sativa, it is another mate of mine, and I told him to repot in a bigger or even in ground..then tie it down

in the end he repotted but without refilling the pot..was pretty immature by him..I will teach him better about plants

in my next all comes to experience..and we cannot pretend everyone just follows our time

maybe they will follow the advices..

We went a week ago, gave about 5L of good watering with 6.3pH and Canna NPK13-14 about 7ml/L

gonna go back in september to check...its a long walk, and not worthed for 1 small plant

if nature will give us something we will be more then happy!

In the other hand the topped "sick-looking", instead of flowering, is putting energy into it's getting bushier. Will show pictures this week I guess..

Keep it green brothers

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Great effort and good on you for going guerilla.

I await the harvest time , will good to see how your fair ladies have got on?

I am always loving new pictures, keep up the good work.

Happy growings teeth_smile.gif

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I couldnt make it to the kalashnikova because was too hot

but I took some picture of my mate's plant which is closer walk :D

he waters too much with canal I'm gonna bring him some pH'd water with some flowering nutes

looks like Zinc deficency here..flush and we'll see ;)


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Hi Indicando

I hope your girl is ok in all that heat and has enough moisture at her feet.

Be nice if you can correct any defficiency your mates plant has.

I am think he needs to take a leaf out of your book and use some nice clean water.

You never know what run off you get from agricultural fields, all sorts of fertilizers, herbisides and insectisides, could be in a canal.

peace out


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