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Jimmy- Super Bud & Kalashnikova -04-05-2011- Francos nutriens vs Suger Peek nutriens


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Well, then everything is in place. Everything you see in the pictures are new, Grow Tent 1.2 four pieces Water Farm. I will run with Franco's magic nutrient and in the veg stage I run a 400W MH lamp. And the flower I run a 600W HPS lamp. I will have two different strains two pieces Super Bud and two Kalashinkova. I will do updates every week. If you have any questions, just ask! , I should like to thank Franco for a second chance and say thanks to Fuzzy and Tokage you for making the forum a super fun place to hang out on!





Big love!!!

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Guest superbluehaze

good luck Jimmy

may they grow vigorously and bloom heavily and beautifully for you.

happy harvest,


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I am currently running a seed-start nursery. I started 5 Super-bud on 26-03-11at 2590 meters above sea level in an arid environment. Using HortiLux Super HPS 1000watt, Aurora nutrients "Roots Organic" line 707 soil blend, Humboldt nutrients Master A & B, Honey ES, FlavorFul refined humic acid, Equilibrium, Humboldt Roots, and MycoMaximum soluble powder (as well as a couple other secrets) in 10 liter containers; I had 2 phenotypes (3) reached 45cm high/45cm wide by 25-04-11 and the others (2) reached 60cm/55cm also by 25-04-11. They are now in new homes, the three first pheno and one of the second are mothers and the other is being flowered in a 100 liter container. All the new owners are over joyed with the results. I am going to be premenently stocking this strain in my nursery.

Good Luck with your test run.

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Thanks guys!

Here is a small update!




Start to come rot´s :-) ! Im gonna giv them 2-3 days more then I transplant them to the system! Happy times!

You guys how know me from befor, my normal sunday update´s is comeing but I wait to I transplant them! I hope all like my progress and saty whit me!

Peace Jimmy

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Thanks guys for your intress! I cant wait to see what the outcome gonna be on this two strains! All I want is a big harvest so I can smoke Morning afternoon and night :-) !!!!!! See you guys on Sunday for a update!

Peace Jimmy

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I also noticed the tri leaved seed-starts, One of my five had the same and has kept the entire time, 50% more growth and is just as tall as the others. I consider this the Prime Pheno. I have only had this once before when i crossed a Maui-wowie male (I was given the seeds in Mendocino,CA so the authinticity is questionable) with Arcata E-32 (The original clone only train-wreck and I took the cutting myself from E-32 as I am friends with her caretakers/owners) I called the cross Beach-wreck and her decendents are still producing excellent results.

(I of course have had many seed-starts which begin with three leaves, These are the only two strains which I have seen in 16 years of growing which consistantly produce tri-leaved starts that continue as tri-branched adults)

PS I have a Masters in horticulture from UC Davis and I am currently working on PhD at CSU in Same.

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Hi all happy people!

Well then, my first weekend update. It is a bit slow with the Seedlings in hydro , but waiting for something good does not wait too long! I have struggled with my PH level all week it goes up all the time, this week I have used the lemon concentrat. So yesterday I went to my local hydro store and bought the ph up and ph down while I bought a small bottle Rhizotonic from Canna. I'm using Franco's nutrition with an EC of 1.1 whit 40ml Rhizotonic in 10L of water and PH value is 5.5. The Seedlings are around 2-5cm high and has a leaf length of about 1cm. This is my first hydro cultivation so if there is anything you think I'm doing wrong and you'll correct me! It is so fun with hydro you get angry and happy:) but most of all, you learn something new! Now there will some pictures from the farm!

Group foto!


The Super buds!



As you can see on the small super-bud, that there are two plants put one of the first does not seem to feel so good so hope that the other will be faster and better!

The Kalashinkova!



The plants looks good, I´l talk to them every day :-)! Be big girls please!

Here is a link to a vid of the grow!


Thanks for looking and I see you guys next weeked!

Peace & Love


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Hi jimmy,

Very nice setup this time :)

I see you've had three leaved plants too, my kalashnikova has it too, looks like it's gonna be a nice pheno, she grows very nicely you'll see ;)

Have a great grow

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