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shiva-boom - 9.5.2011 - offical seed and nutrients test Kalashnikova new 1.6.lady burn exodus grow complete

shiva boom

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9.5 2011 seed and nutr. test kalashnikova

well the seeds and the nutrients arrived everything perfect thx
Lets Start the Grow,
i will germinate 4 seeds and grow 2of them with the magic blue/green stuff from franco and the other ones with my GHE-flora 3 comp.and bond root stim.
they will come in 11x11x12 poots with soil and at first 125 W blue energy save.lamp
grow tent is 60cm x 60cm x 130cm

they will come in here that why only four plants regular_smile.gif

day 3 in germ
the seeds cracked up and i put them in the soil pots
this time the seeds take more time too germ dont know why
i give them 24 hours 125w because off the average temp of 26 degrees
when they start too open the germ leaf they will get 18 hours vegi 001.jpg
heads up cheers.....the two others seem too take one more day
temp average 26 degrees night and day



3 plants kalashnikova lets see what happens they grow much slower in soil then i expected the plan is one without nutrients and the others GHE VS Francos nutrients,i made some mistake with germing and i lost some seeds maybe there was some nutrients left in my soil but this 3 nice girls should a make it, new life is born :"Keep your face too the sunshine and u will not see the shadows"


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8 days since the germ and the plants grow Kalashnikova Ak47/white widow 3x


18.5 2011


the earth i use is a mix from normal bought and garden earth

they will need some time but they grow


this is day 14


well the girls did get first time nuts and they like it.......

3 plants sorry no more germ complications my fault!!!


the earth its bellaflora brand and mixed with some garden earth

max temp is 29 degrees

min temp is 19 degrees

still one 125w cfls

the plants are 15 days old with germ include


one plant gets GHE nuts yellow wood GHE

one plant gets Francos nuts yellow wood Fran.

one plant gets only water

need too check them in a while if they like once or twice a week nuts still jung and small wee l see .....

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ok i will start a new test for Franco , Green House and for sure for me in first case teeth_smile.gif

5 x lady burn 1974

9x exodus cheese they will soak 24 hours in water and then they get in theyr new home with 2x 125w clfs blue and 1x 200w clfs red



and of course the 3x kalshnikova when they grow up a little they all will get 2x 600w hps .......

next post will take some time the germ need some time for sure happy growing to you all ganja lovers

bom buhle

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at first sorry for my bad english and if there are and there will be for sure some bad mistakes but anyway hope you all can understand what i mean ,well all the seeds did opend testa and they all would have surrvied if there was not that small tinny snail in my pots maybe only 1mm big with a white house on theyr backs dam naysty snails and at first i didnt really noticed that there are those Valloniidae is a taxonomic family of small and minute, air-breathing land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusks in the clade Stylommatophora.from wikki.

mhm those assholes sorry but they eat 3 plants maybe 4 plants one is not sure if she will make it or not maybe not i will see in some days.

ok for sure it was my fault because of too much weet in the first stage and that is like an indicator for them so i saw them and i killed so far what i could find of them second thing i let the pots dry out so they dont have it so easy to walk on in the medium third thing and really thank you so much superbluehaze i asked him what else can i do he told me to try it with neem oil and maybe snail venom so neem oil was not avaliable for that emergency but i could get the snail venom bevor 12 o clock midday today and bevor my light turns out important because the snails are night active,first i did not want to put the snail venom arround my plants because they re so small but i had no choice know i have to wait if that venom does not kill the plants to insteed of the snail but i dont think so i read on the venom packet that it is iron phosphat The drug causes cell changes in the crop and midgut. The bait uptake leads to a fast food stop.

.The screw pull themselves back into their hiding places to die.In the world of ferric phosphate in plant nutrients and iron phosphate converted.

ok i really hope that this problemi solved and there will be no other ones cross my fingers twice.

it is much easyer to solve problems like that together with expirienced people and growers so thank you very much strainhunters forum always there when i need you and superbluehaze with your duty to help.

to all growers take care and god bless you or the enrgie that makes plants grow be with you........

little shiva boom

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i dont know that one ,do you mean with battery tokage, but every day wee learn something new in my case the venom will do it because its something organic i hope and that will not harm the the small seedlings i read also about a special snail fence but i wanted a quick easy solutiton the time i need to build that fence the snails maybe eat my crop and that i wouldnt let hapen .... this is the snail fence for outdoor hope that the snails will like the venom more instead of the seedlings


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hey tokage the blue corn in my pots that is snail venom ,

the samsara seeds are allready in earth and they seem to germ very well the self collected seeds dont seem to germ they are 3 years old and maybe they did get cold in the airplane luggage compartment no idea they dont want to germ

but i think at the moment i will grow them all 2 or 3 weeks more and then bring them all togehter to flower

that should be 12 plants thats ok for the moment thx for ur interest.........

if there are bad spelling mistakes please excuse and take it easy


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ten days include three with germ there was 14 seeds 9 exodus and 5 lady burn and after my snail attack there are 6 plants left so 4 exodus and two lady burn survived from the seedlings



the three kalashnikovas are ok they are allready 4 weeks old in the back is a bigger exodus from my hydro system after 4 weeks bloom without flowering i replant her in earth and give her a second chance


and after that snail desaster i will germ 2x alquimista seeds from samsara

and 8x seeds from north peru collected by myself

and 8x seeds from nepal from a baba he gave me to try its from the langtang lirung region


this is day 16 include with germ

two days ago i gave them the first franco nuts and some of them didnt liked it so much

please everybody who is working with them nuts take care that stuff is strong

the advice 1g per l is maybe for allready big plants my ec milwaukey says 1.8 with 1g per l

so i give after more then 10 vegi days only ec 0.6 and ph 6.00 and still some leafs are burned sadly but it was not killing them i dont know if i work on with the nutes not sure about that i ll see ............

the other thing i recieved second time the grow dvd thx allot but why?

and thank you very very much for the seeds i recieved mobi dick and exodus each ten piece thats cool thx for your support the mobi dick will go to my next hydro grow when exodus is ready ......here some pics from the soil project.....



light is used 250clf blue

200 clf red and 150 hps

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  • 3 weeks later...

after my snail desaster and my over feeding the plants slowley seem to regenerate themself most of them in 4 week of veg some 3 week and three kalasnikova are 8 weeks just was feeding them all with francos nuts but i didnt know that he send me for hydro i thought that i can use for both soil and hydro my fault but they are ok maybe end of the week i will turn the light 12 /12 i see there are exodus lady burn kalashnikova and from samsara el alquimista


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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

thx romeu9 and tokage mirrors make them look more and bigger just a psychological trick to blame the plants ;)

only joking 3 and4 more weeks to go makes me wonder how thy look in the end and if there is real a flavour explosion to compare with my hydro exodus time will come cheers and have fun ............

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day 37 bloom every second day 350 ml water each plant with a ph between 6 and 6,5

today first nuts from GHE like feeding chart for earth

i have recognized that my earth wasent that good quality but for real thats my first indoor earth expirience .........so please consideration with me im very sorry

two plants had spider mites that problem is solved more or less just once more to spray with sagro plants anti mites for vegetable and fruits from maag very funny to watch the hole different plants on earth then i had in hydro

the samsara seeds el alqimista have this pure corn like grow shape

lights i use is one 600hps and 150 hps

exodus ladyburn kalashnikova and alquimista



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  • 2 weeks later...

wee are in week six

water every second day 350ml water ph 6

light is used 1x600w hps mix red

1x150w hps red

1x150w clf blue




in the front ladyburn in the back exodus left side back is kalashnikova right side in the back exodus


El Alquimista is a Northern light / Ak47

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ok well lets see: lets start with the smallest:: ladyburn 30cm

kalashnikova 35cm

exodus 54cm

the biggest the two undemanding el alquimista look like a stick are 70 and 72 cm

i allready know for a long time that that is not more a test for green house.......i am sorry for that

well it was a good one for me , the plants i could save did survive, and there will be something in the end,i really should have to give more care and spend some small money for good soil............mia culpa , next time i know better :)

ok tokage all info i could give you have fun.....:)

with LOVE&Respect

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  • 2 weeks later...

ok this grow is complete i will dry the buds in a dark room with good ventilation until the smaller wood parts crack and mature it for at least 8 weeks to get rid of the clorophyl thegreen stuff inside the plant and that will make sure too get a perfect taste

after all probs with snail attacks overfeeding and spider mites the result does not look so bad at all average green house seeds is 30cm one exodus 50cm two samsara el alquimista are 70 cm

medium soil every second day 350ml water ph arround 6

three times nuts from Ghe flora series soft water ten days bevor harvest ripen three times sano plant anti mites with spray stopped four weeks bevor harvest

all plants have bright resin and very hard buds


all in one


left kalashnikova rest exodus


exodus front back elalquimista


el alquimista


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