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Supergreen lab microgrow


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Hello growers!

I haven't seen anyone post anything about supergreen lab yet so I decided to make a grow journal. I was planning a outdoor grow earlier this year but I had to cancel my plans because of police raiding where I live, the police said they'd come by to see if I have anything which they did twice but since I didn't grow anything they just asked some questions and left but I've decided to once again grow a little indoors.

I do own a grow tent, fans etc but with my family I can't setup a big tent so I'm resorting to a smaller grow hidden in furniture or something, I want it to be hidden in plain sight so I came across Supergreen Lab, I've been messing around with a raspberry pi and arduino before to monitor variables as temperature, humidity etc but the supergreen lab can control lights, fans, co2 etc and collect data like temperature, humidity, co2 etc. It has a function which I've been trying to mimic manually with my grow tent which is that the light schedule changes gradually like in nature but with the Supergreen lab there's function which does that.


I haven't decided what I'll be using to grow in but I'll keep you up to date, I've been looking at a old fridge, a big freezer box, a coffee table, a drawer, big bucket (spacebucket) and other things I can grow in. The point is building a microgrow so I can grow one or two plants which I'll scrog to grow in a small compartment



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