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Elektroski Justovski

Mr.Negative - White Lemon - 07/06/2011

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here's what I use my friend ;)

its a dry spray, one spray drenching the whole plant before lights go out, and one more after 7 days, and they are all gone ;)



Spruzit® Neu

Active ingredients:

18.36 g/l Natural-Pyrethrum

825.3 g/l Rape-seed oil


Spray for control of many sucking and biting insects as well as red spider mites found on vegetables, fruit, potatoes and ornamental plants

  • Effective against adult insects, larva, and egg stages
  • Fast mode of action
  • Short preharvest interval
  • Wide range of admission in many cultures
  • Combination of two natural ingredients


Test results with Spruzit® Neu (average out of 4- 6 tests)

  • f14afbc1a0.png
  • 318a58627c.png
  • ae625b260e.png

Active Ingredients


Spruzit® Neu contains the active ingredients of Natural-Pyrethrum und Rapeseed oil. Natural-Pyrethrum is obtained from a species of chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium) indigenous to Africa. The actual agent, Pyrethrin, is contained in the yellow petal heads of the plant.The second active ingredient in Spruzit® Neu is Rape-seed oil.

Composition of Pyrethrum

Natural-Pyrethrum contains six different Pyrethrin’s.The major portions are made up of Pyrethrin I and Pyrethrin II, which also include Cinerin I, Cinerin II, Jasmolin I and Jasmolin II.

Chysanthemum fields in Kenya

Rape fields

Chemical structure Pyrethrin I (C21 H28 O3)

Mode of Action

At first Natural-Pyrethrum affects the skin openings (stigmens) on the body of the insect.

Rapeseed oil effectively increases the application and absorption of Pyrethrum inside the insects body by softening the outer skin.

Pyrethrum kills the insect quickly by damaging the sodium canals of the nervous system.

More so Pyrethrum is only slightly toxic to mammals.

In the presence of sunlight and oxygen Natural-Pyrethrum breaks down fast: Therefore the threat of building resistance is only a minor.

Rapeseed oil, the second ingredient of Spruzit® Neu, works extremely well against the egg stages of pests. This is especially important when dealing with such pests as red spider mites, white flies, mealy-bugs and thrips.

Rapeseed oil works very effective against adult and larval stages of insects by damaging their breathing organs (tracheas).


Combination capacity with other agents

  • Spruzit® Neu can be effectively mixed with Cueva®, Neudo® Vital and Algan®.
  • Tank mixtures must be always applied immediately after mixing.
  • Preliminary test spraying for plant tolerance should always be carried out before applying the entire mixture.


When using Spruzit® Neu, the following should be observed.

1. Spraying should be done in low temperatures and out of direct sunlight.

Spruzit® Neu is most effective when applied in the evening or early morning when temperatures are lower. The effectiveness of Spruzit® Neu decreases when temperatures are 25°C or higher.

Do not apply in direct sunlight as Pyrethrum is vulnerable to UV rays and will become inactive.

2. Spray with a high volume of water.

Spruzit® Neu is a contact spray. Therefore the plants must be sprayed from all sides. The spray technique and application are very important to the effectiveness of Spruzit® Neu. More so it is important to spray Spruzit® Neu with a high volume of water to ensure optimum coverage, including the bottom of the leaves.

3. Review of use.

As a rule we recommend a secondary spraying 5-7 days after the first application. When dealing with Draceanae thrips (Parthenothrips dracaenae), scales and mealy-bugs the second application should be sprayed after 14 days.

Crop safety

Extensive testing has shown that Spruzit® Neu is easily tolerated by the plant. However since there are so many different types of ornamental plants and applications, we recommend that preliminary test spraying should be done on a single plant (underneath a leaf and out of direct sunlight), before spraying the entire crop.

Spruzit® Neu must not be used on Poinsettia. If used on Ficus sp., Lantana, ferns or pears plant damage may occur.

Spruzit® Neu doesn’t leave behind any spotting or blotches on leaves. Instead of that treated plants will have a glossy matt like polish.

Spruzit® Neu can also be used in Hydroponik procedures.

Use of beneficial organisms

Spruzit® Neu is ideal for use in an effort where beneficial insects are used. Because Spruzit® Neu breaks down so fast, beneficial insects can be introduced only three days after treatment. Spruzit® Neu does not cause a repellent effect against beneficial insects that is most commonly seen in Pyrethroids.

When using in the presence of beneficial insects Pyrethrum should only be applied in small strategic amounts as beneficial insects can also be killed on contact.

House and Small garden

Spruzit® Neu has got a very positive toxicologic profile. For this reason the use of Spruzit® Neu is in many countries also allowed in the home and garden segment.

Organic farming

Spruzit® Neu can be used in organic farming as well. Both ingredients Pyrethrum and Rape-seed oil are on the corresponding positive list of EEC ecological farming.

Environmental compatibility data (German registration)

Beneficial insects

Spruzit® Neu is also deadly on direct contact for beneficial organisms. However due to the fast break down of the active ingredients it is possible for beneficial insects to be quickly reintroduced.


Product is not harmful to bees. (German registration)

Natural Bodies of Water

Poisonous for fish, animals fish feed on and algae.

Areas of application (German registration)

Active ingredients:

18.36 g/l Natural-Pyrethrum

825.3 g/l Rape-seed oil





Dose rate/ Spraying concentration

Preharvest timing



SBuecektliensg, sinaswefclitess, caterpillars (except Tortricidae)

6 l/ha

3 days


Sucking insects Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars (except Tortricidae)

6 l/ha

3 days


Sucking insects

6 l/ha

3 days

Peas, beans

Sucking insects Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars, red spider mites

6-12 l/ha

3 days

Leek, spinach

Sucking insects Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars

6 l/ha

3 days

Tomato, cucumber

Sucking insects

6-12 l/ha

3 days


Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars

6 l/ha


Fruiting vegetable

Sucking insects

6 -12 l / ha

3 days


Sucking insects

6 l / ha

7 days

Root and tuber crop and bulb crops

Sucking insects

6 l / ha

3 days

Fruiting vegetable

Sucking insects

6 -12 l / ha

3 days

Young plants, seedlings

Sucking insects Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars

6 l/ha



Apples, pears

Aphids (except Dysaphis plantaginea)

5 l/ha/m crown height

3 days


Apple blossom weevil

2.3 l/ha/m crown height

Currant, blueberries


10 l/ha/m crown height

3 days

Ornamentals, trees, shrubs

Sucking insects

6-12 l/ha; spraying concentration: 0.5-1 %


White flies

9-18 l/ha spraying concentration: 1.5 %


Red Spider mites

6-12 l/ha spraying concentration: 1 %


Mealy-bug, scales

12-24 l/ha

spraying concentration: 2 %


Thrips (Dracaenenthrips, Parthenothrips)

6-12 l/ha spraying concentration: 1 %


Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars

6-12 l/ha spraying concentration: 0.5-1 %


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Day 12 from seed. Weather is kinda bad, temps around 20 Day, 10 Night, humidity high. Very cloudy and many rain, hope this week will sun back at full strenght.

Plants get one watering with Franco juice, next will be water only, then Franco. Hope it works, or shall i do 1 week Franco juice, next only water ?

They grow a bit and now they are 16cm, 15cm and 14cm height. On thursday i will put them to bigger living space.

I will re edit posts later and put photos, now unable to transfer them to my pc.



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Meanwhile when seeds was swimming and toweling, 0.4l pots was filled with soil and wet a bit with add of biohumus. Today at day 7 they got 11-12 cm height. Temperatures 26/21 day, 13/11 night, humidity - high.





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Next update should be at 28 of this month, but i love to visit them between and share things.

As you can see on previous pics there are 2 plants per one 25l pot(Romeu9 style ^^), when i transplanted them i put one smaller and one taller to mix them. Sadly my Plagron set still don't arrived(i got bad luck with them perhaps) so all 4 get Franco juice once, hope they come this week so i can start compare test with Franco's juice. They seems like it a lot.

1 - 17cm

2 - 23 cm

3 - 17 cm

4 - 22 cm

Temps during this week are like 28(max)Day / 13(lower) Night, humidity is still high as is many droplets on top of my greenhouse. Saw some web around, but its not mites yet, some spider think feel love for one of the plant. :) I let him stay since he dont do any damage. I read the biger spider eats mites also, so let it live in harmony of mother nature untill he piss me off. :)

I watching close how Romeu9 did his ladies, and decided when it time come i top them also for hydra style.

Pics tuesday or thursday. Thanks for kind words all. Bless!

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21 Days from Seed.

WL 1


WL 2


WL 3


WL 4


Plants 1 & 2 Plagron

Plants 3 & 4 Franco Juice

Temps and other are similar to my last post, even better no rain, no clouds pure sun. :)

I added few worms to soil, let's see how they work.

Sorry for quality, phone only today.

Cu soon! Bless!

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You should have each pheno on same pots, not 2 phenos per pot

indica with indica, sativa with sativa. I didnt had that chance since i got two phenos in two seeds, but it would be better to have the phenos together, would have be better in flowering stage. Why didnt you asked first? :D

But they look good and will be even better, chong!

Take care

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Day 27 from seed.

WL 1 - 30cm

WL 2 - 37cm

WL 3 - 29cm

WL 4 - 38cm

10 cm per 6 days, not bad as sun was rare during this time peroid. Feeding in the evening. :)


Oh, and my other grow... Sunflowers. ;)


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Day 29 from seed.

WL 1 - 33 cm

WL 2 - 43 cm

WL 3 - 33 cm

WL 4 - 41 cm

Sun shining progress is going on, im very happy about it, but in other side im bit scary how tall this plants go there. I know greenhouses can produce taller plants then outdoor so i need advise.

Shall i top them at 5'th internode of proper leafs to stop grow a bit and let them go on sides more ?

Side branches are already forming btw.


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Been messing around installing Mole Traps in garden, also i pay a visit to lemons. FIxed pots, now they no more white, hope roots will be happy about it. Also did V shape a bit more on since leafs was close to eachother.


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