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S.Bud outdoor, 3 days in Flow. time.................

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Guest guest

This is the S.Bud that after 80 days in VEG. time. Because the temperature is too low and there is not sun, i think to give the plant in indoor in the tend, After 80 days of VEG. time, it is in FLOW. time. The day 29/052011 i give it in dark for 2 days, and now it is in flow. from 4 days. The plant is 1,00 meter H. and the lamp is 400 W. HPS AGRO. I hope that she give the female flower..................

Attached files sb1.jpg sb2.jpg sb3.jpg sb4.jpg

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HEI GUYS. This is the images of the mine plants!!!!!

Guest, but you are very a no goog person!!!!

Tokage. I don't know how he can take my photo in my file, but now i am very incazzsato.

Franco, Admin, a can't speak in English this words but you are Italian than me Franco, translate this words: Guest, sei un pezzo di merda bastardo, come ti sei permessso ad entrare a prenderer le immagini della mia piante nel mio fuile?? Ci sono le foto delle mie scarpe e del mio balcone di casa dietrOP!!!

This is my S. Bud and i send my photo of my person. I have no problem to send my name, surname, Photo, and my address. FUzy, you have my addresse because you have ask me for send the present, remeber?? The seeds, the power etc....

But i don't know why an a madafuck people GUESt have send my image.

What a shit you are!

But how can you enjoy that?

ADMIN these words are for you that you are the administrator: I have always behaved well, I always told the truth ', although sometimes Ihad to say things that I disagreed, but I was never allowed to dosomething like that. Do you see what to do!!

I am sorry that we have people like '.

i would love to see you in the face, to tell you how things are at my house, and in my country.



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york76 = guest-guest. case closed. if you wanna continue to fight with guest-guest (which is your old account), i will need to delete all your old test grows.

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