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I've been cooking up a little storm in the veg tent. 
this is a really thought out & planned for run and I have the highest hopes! 
ive had 100% success with germination with the help of our Greenhousefeeding Enhance .

1g per litre of water. 
you must correct your PH levels BEFORE you mix in you Enhance. 
Enhance slightly raises the PH so watch out for that. 
What I do is Drench my coco at least 12 hours Before I plant my seeds. 
I also sit my Empty pots beneath the strong flower lighting for 12-24 hours prior to planting my beans. 
I feel like it gives your coco a little pre-warm up routine and your medium thanks you for this with perfect germination success. 
Those beans like a nice warm Activated bed to comfortably take root in their new cosy homes. 
One out these 6 baby cannabis plants has been germinated in Second hand coco. 
It's an experiment I'm very interested in because it will not only save me a little money but it's a big help on out ever failing environment. 
I'm not going to disclose which baby it is, I'd like you guys to keep a look out throughout this run and see if any of you can guess the second hand coco mix! I hope you guys join in with me and enjoy this BIG RUN 💚🔥🇬🇧❄️ 
Love form the UK 







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New light for the veggies, I've added in a white LED to go along side a burple LED. 
Both lights are cheap ones from eBay as I'm not miss.money bags & cannot afford the latest tech right now. 
(never say never). 
It seems to be doing the trick just nicely. 
Air flow by means of a 4" intake fan & a small oscillating fan. 
Feeding PH no higher than 6.5 

Monkey Root shoot & a little silicon. 
All ticking away nicely 




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🧬 KingsJuice, DarkPhoenix & CloudWalker

🏕 60x60x120cm veg tent

🪴coco 70/30 buffered mix 

(x1 second hand coco)

💡LED White 80w strip light & cheap Burple LED light - ebay 

🌬 4" intake fan & 6" oscillating desk fan mounted on the frame of the tent

👩‍🔬 Enhance -Every 2 weeks 1g per litre water (set ph before adding powder)

Root Shoot - every week 1/2ml per litre water first 2 weeks, up to 1ml etc

Bio Grow - 13g per 3 Gallons of substrate (divided by 2 and administered at week 3 & 6 of veg cycle) 

PH no higher than 6 for me. 
I haven't got an EC tester yet, or a humidity  meter. These tools are next on my list. 








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Flying through their veg cycle. 
I plan on taking cuts from the KingsJuice so I've decided against topping her, I feel like it's going to be too stressful to do both  I hope to take the cuts at week 6 but if not I will hang on to week 8 and keep her in veg for a little longer. 
I have 4 CloudWalkers so I'm going to let one of these grow naturally, take clones from one, top one & MainLine one. 
Im super excited to have a go at mainlining for the first time, it looks obscene! Fingers crossed I succeed. 
And my DarkPhoenix will be topped because shes made for that shit!! 

love to the gromies across the universe 






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