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Grafting to Nettles and Figs

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I hear of people grafting cannabis to fig trees and Nettles... Does anyone have any truth or experience with this? 

I have seen successful grafts to other cannabis, tomatoes and hops. 

I am thinking the roof system of a fig tree would produce well if the graft works? 

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I do not believe it would be possible to graft cannabis to fig trees or Nettles. Although some Nettles may be in similar family.
The idea of Grafting to hops emanates from the Connoiseur's Handbook of Marijuana, much of which is proven incorrect.
As understood, THC is localised in its production on plants, not from roots.

I hesitated to reply to your post, because I am not interested.
Sounds like a post that could lead to arguments by those with fixed minds.

The best experiment could be to graft to a large Sativa.
The plants could be grown together in same pot, tied in centre so the trunks touch and grafted without severing root or top of either.
You could try making upward slice in trunk of top plant, downward slice in bottom plant, push together before wrap with bud tape/wax.
When the graft takes, you would cut the root off one and the top off other. This would allow both plants to remain intact until graft has taken.

If you are seriously interested, do your own research from here.
Doubt it would be worth it, or yield result.

Good luck.


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