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Kings Juice, living soil, Greenhouse feeding bio line, 640w led

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Late start on this thread, we will be starting at week one of flower and I have four kings juice two from clone of the mammosa pheno from my previous grow, I had to take cuts of that in because it was the most favourite in a while and shocked me how pungent the orange terp was, 

I also have two from seed and one of them has that same terp I liked so much and the other one is a bit sour musty smell, 

The seeds have got that vigorous stretch and I've bent them over at 90° trying to tame them a bit , I think these will be pretty looking as I'm now able to reduce the night time temperature, hopefully these will be just as fast as the last time I ran these, just over 50 days I think😁






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These kings juice from seed are growing like sunflower 🌻 straight up or triffids 😂 definitely in need of taming, I think these would kill it outdoors and you would definitely be needing a ladder, 

They look thick stems lots of stretch, if doing indoor I might suggest topping early and tie them down 😁

I'm continuing to bend them over so they get maximum penetration 😂 

On a more serious note these lady's are very vigorous,

The ppm reading for these kings juice is 1600 and not any issues.

Can't wait until there's some buds to show of 😜







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Just a quick update, the stretch is done, girls standing up tall looking healthy all of them have the orange terp 😋 , the two from clones a lot smaller but still I'm pleased because I've had some of the finished product and was very disappointed when I got to the bottom of my jar, I'm going to fill more than one jar this time😁








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Day 22 of flower, I've been battling thrips on the lowermost branches and I've ordered some nematodes to deal with them, I got annoyed with looking at the damage on my bottom 😜 so I've decided to chop of all the lowers and composting them, I should have the nematodes tomorrow so I should be able to knock back or get rid of them, with that said the plants don't seem bothered by them and the look healthy, 🔥🌬️💨



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Day 35 update, and these kings juice are looking and smelling amazing, I'm especially pleased because I have a red pheno and I have a thing for red head 😂 the red pheno has a red berry terp and smells like haribo starmix jelly sweets, the green pheno is orange throughout and is the most frosty girl I've seed for a while she is loaded with bling, 

Until next time PEACE 🤙🌬️💨🔥








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thanks for all the updates. I just upgraded the forum. We haven't given it much attention lately, but we'll have someone dedicated to straighten things out again.


today at 420 we release the new strain hunters movie. catch u later!

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