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Outdoor 2011 Worldwide -

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Hello my friends

If you drive an outdoor right now and you want to share your pictures This is the place where you can do it !

Please be specific when you upload your pictures

Strain - ?

Your latitude - ?

Nutes- ?

I'll be the first one who put his garden here so happy watching !

Here are the links

1 SuperCritical Auto and Cheese,Kalashnikova,HimalayaGold,SuperBud,SuperCritical


Direct sunlight / 5h+

Days of life -Some of them about 50 ,some 60


Autoflower -Bigbang,SuperCritical,Green o Matic

June 11 -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_o0HGrbqHI - about 45 days of life

-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wOe5IDcq3I -about 45 days of life

June 20 -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaF9bwgGylI - about 55 days of life


I 'm at +45N latitude and i used no nutes

Soil Ph 7


Wish you a great weather this year guys !

Thank you for shared pictures/videos !

Puff Puff Pass

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Good idea, im at lat 52 / 53 i think, im growing ams, fresian dew, super crit auto, and snowryder. Just started more autos (bigbang - little cheese and pinapple) plus i gotta blueberry auto in the window which has also had some indoor action.


Blueberry auto plus the next wave of autos.


Supercrit auto on the left and fresian dew on the right


AMS closest then 2 fresian dews


AMS and fresian dew


snow ryders

all these pics where taken over a week ago but the weather has been rain since then, the auto have suffered i think, last years greenomatics had much more bud at this stage. Hopefully sept and oct will be good as thats the business end of the season !

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Hello growers

!! !!

It's update time

For who doesen't know this is my SuperCritical Auto at about 60 days from seed



And here is Harvested



This is my GreenGarden update



My real first harvest on 2011



My new run of Auto



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Hello to everyone,

i want to grow some autoflowering strains in the south of spain.

I mean, its very late to grow some pot i think, but the weather and climate there is really good.

So my question, where can i find decent seeds, preferable autoflowering, due to the short time i have left?

I live in jerkmany and i would go for a trip to spain, just to grow some weed and would stay there for three months.

It would be perfect if there is a distibutor, i mean a shop where i could purchase the seeds (see it, touch it).

In germany the climate this year wasn´t really promising.

I´m free and i have a lot of time. Another big problem is, there are too much people in jerkmany, who just go for hiking, and especially the density of the population in germany is bothering.

Please help, i even would invite the staff of greenhouse to come and visit my experiment.

Thanks a lot, peace rahman

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Your best bet would be to go to the Attitude seed bank HERE and buy Greenhouse seeds BIG BANG AUTO !

I grew this plant this year and its awsome ! BIG Yield, great high and it finishes for 3 months as you like it ! Maybe even faster !

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AMS - no nutes yet, was planted in 50% horse manure 50 % compost


Fresian dew - 4ft high and good resistance to insects and mould


Fresian dew 7ft high and the insects have eaten most of the bottom half

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Hey mind making those videos public so that I can see them? Or allowing the youtube Username 'AspireToGrow' (no quotes) to watch the vid? Really interested in checking them out. From the view of the pictures it looks awesome! :)

Let us know the yield you got from any of the plants when they're dried and cured! :D

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Fresian dews flowering now which is early and good, cheese autos have mould on the buds and illegal gold panners are forcing me to snipe through brambles to clear mould off all the plants.


Pinapple express - born on the 5th of June

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These pics where taken a week ago maybe ? This is lat 53 the same as russia, alaska etc Weed can grow up here, even in this shit season weve had. So get yourself a dog or a fishing rod and start making the most of the great outdoors. These are all fresian dews from Dutch Passion, my AMS are a few weeks behind and will be tested to the max next month.

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