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GH AMNESIA , Green House Feeding Bio Line, Phlizon 640wLed Grown

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4 hours ago, bridgeman said:

looks like a very good preparation.
1 liter pot do you use to start?

I think these pots are half a liter I will pot up one time before I put them in my final pots, I like to start in small pots so you can see how much roots you have, I also like to let them get root bound just a little , I will apply TNC mycormax directly onto roots during potting up 😁

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Just coming out of the seedling and into veg , so far I have applied nematodes for protection, only 6 of 8 came up during germination, the plants all look uniform so far, 

I will veg and top these as much as I can until I clear my flower, I will veg in there until ready for flip, my next update will be pot up into my big living soil pots 😊


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13 hours ago, Ganja XL said:

Not sure, but they are pretty yellowish .. nuts ? soil ?

Think is just a bit cool and the light is 150w bit to much light but it's what I have, I don't think there is anything wrong they are looking good to me, probably could be better with a bit more space between, 

This picture is not so over exposed, ✌️


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A little update, been a bit slack because of the covid, I am getting over it slowly and starting to feel like my old self again, the plants have been transferred to my flower room and put into 30galon fabric pots in living soil, growing up filling out nice, I think one more week in veg then flip, these GH AMNESIA don't seem to want stretch and have started to put out branches, 






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Just a little update, last week of veg, things are looking good plants looking healthy and happy,

Room temp is 26c

Humidity is 65% trying to get it to 70 but I'm happy with where it's at, 

My ppm is between 1500 and 2200 and only one plant has yellow tips, 

Everything is running smoothly and I'm looking forward to seeing how quickly these set buds, I've done a bit of defoliation and striped all the lowers, I will see how things look after the stretch is done, I might strip back one more time😁

I will reduce the light over the week and by Friday they will be in 12 / 12













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7 hours ago, Home-Grown said:

They look happy.

What type of 150w grow light were you using?

It's a CFL type light, it's actually a seasonal disassociation disorder light, it has got 3 double tubes CFLs , 

I've had that veg light for years, it's not broken so I use it, the colour is 6400k 


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First day of 12/12, still training and and tying down tops until the stretch is over, 

My ppm is between 1200 and 2000 , I have a Bluetooth plant monitor that will tell me when the ppm lowers enough for a feed of the bio bloom , ideally I want the ppm to get down to 1000 before I add more, 

They will be getting 15mins of far red 730nm at lights off, (Emerson effect) 










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