Easy Guide to Midget/Resize your Photos

Elektroski Justovski
By Elektroski Justovski in FAQ & Rules,
Hello Hunters! I noticed many of you got problems with handling own pictures(resizing them/optimizing their weight). Not all of you can be familiar with computers but is really simple so no worries. First things first. I know there is many pages u can do it online(never used anyone to be honest), but as i mention before without siimple knoweldge our security can be put to risk. I mean by this, we handle our passion for plants and law is against us, so anytime you try to use online services smart cookies collect many informations about us. Think about it very serious. Thats why we need some software, best free and simple. No trials or piracy lads. I dont advertise this software, but as a user of it for about 4 years i never heaved problems with it, and abilities to do many things with our photos are amazing(especially with many plugins aviable around). http://www.irfanview.com/ Here is software im talking about, after installing it it's time to work. As we can see photo size is 5.3MB is not huge(RAW photos can weight even twice then this). So what we do is. Then we chose resolution we want, 800x600 will be perfect. Ok As a result we heave 541kb file, not bad but we can do it lower. When we resize pic to 800x600 we go to this menu and chose Save As. On right will appear small window we looking for. I chosed 70% and saved the picture. Now we got 124kb, quite nice. Messing with quality button can give even smaller sizes, try to fit best for your own needs. This is effect. Something is visible and size is small. Now forum handle bigger pics, but keep in mind your space for upload is limited. Hope it helps a bit. Thanks for reading. Sorry for my bad english. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small update on Metadata acces ( exif / iptc / xmp ) http://www.irfanview.com/plugins.htm We are looking for METADATA - (version 4.33): allows IrfanView to handle EXIF/IPTC/Comment information from compatible files. But whole package is viable for many things and it's only 8,9MB. So, let's look. Final Result Happy growin, ciao!
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