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Ad to the growers of Amsterdam city...................

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Hy guys....

I am Simon from Italy...but i think that you know it!!!! ;-)

In the 7 of October go to Amsterdam for spend five days in joy and to visit the city and the GHS Coffee Shoop.

Now i am 35 years old, is 10 time that i go in this city, but for others reasons.

So, i whant to ask if there is in this comunity some people that live there, and whant meet me for help and for talk about that we talk in this chat every day and give me some advices.....

If you whant answer me, i am very happy, and in private message i can give you my information about myself, telefon number etc....

I talk whit Franco and he has give me more advices about the place where i must to go. He is a very gentleman guy, he is Italyan as me.... ammiccare....Sorry, is a joke!!!

Ok, i leave you, and i hope that anypersons send me some message..

Hello, Simon.

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i ve just arrived from amsterdam now im from spain and it was my first time in the city, i stayed 3 days with aout an hotel and its to cold.in the green house coffe shop i tryed lots of things and i really liked the chesse hydro and the green crack it was amazing also i loved the white chocolope from baba. enjoy your trip

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Yeah buddy have a super nice trip. Dont forget to smoke a big joint for the forum!



PS Dont forget to try Dr Grinspoon on Voyagers a littel bird tell me that they have it in now and that it is amazing. And all the strains on GH coffee shops. Have a blazt bro.

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