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Cultivando sueños - Growing dreams

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Lol so true Toke , im still sitting on hot nails for the Jamaica dvd.

Mr X , your pictures are lovely and i am now truly intrigued as to what you are growing ;)

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what you see are not hybrids, are landraces. Native varieties. So are quite fast especially indicas, I hope that before long you can give more details (...)

which I can say that when it opens Strain Hunters and their seeds begin to circulate many smokers will be happy (...)

this type of plant is equivalent to the primary colors, when a painter will mix his colors. Is a very important material genetic for the cannabic culture (...)

Mr.X!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :closetema::angry::comando::alcoholic::D

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So the landraces seed bank will open soon ? Sounds good - I spot a Swaziland and not so sure what the second strain is, might be from the carribean or south america (Panama maybe) .

Franco said something about finding the real OG Lambsbread Collie herb, I am getting fever from surprise. OTH those Orange Hill Rose Buds are visiting my dreams at night a plenty - so either one + a swazi would be on my list immediately

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hahaha bam bhole, that must be the best question i've seen since i'm here :laugh: :laugh:

As rom nicely showed it it's StrainHunter's Seedbank ;)

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Saudos familia, me alegro de que os gusten, sobre las preguntas sobre el banco y cuando abrirá, eso es decisión de Franco,

pero supongo que no pasará mucho tiempo antes de que podamos disfrutar de tanto esfuerzo de estos años que han llevado a cabo,

yo solo os puedo mostrar fotos.

Hoy os dejo una de la sativa que veo que os ha gustado, se puede apreciar como ha engordado y resinado bastante en estos días, está muy cerca de los leds y aun así no presenta ninguna

quemadura, una planta muy hermosa con un gran aroma. Mañana les toca sesión de fotos y macros, veremos como va la resina, saludos y muchas gracias por comentar!!

Greetings family, I'm glad you like, on questions about the bank and when open, it is up to Franco, but I guess it will not be long before we can enjoy both of these years efforts they have been made,

I only can show some photos. Today I leave one of the sativa I see that you liked, you can see is fat and resin as well these days, is very close to the LEDs and still shows no burn, a very beautiful

plant with a great aroma.Tomorrow it is photo day and macro shoot and we'll see how goes the resin, and if is near to harvest, greetings and thank you very much for commenting!

Saludos y felices fumadas! :brunette:



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Incredible plants mr.X :)

Love your setup

What ever strains they are i want some of there seeds hehe

Finger's crossed for Panama Haze seeds at this years Cup i need me some of those, was my first joint in Amsterdam at last years cup and i still remember it like it was yesterday such a lovely smoke :D

Beautiful photo's as always


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Oh man love those foxtails!! Looking so good, can't wait tomorrow to see the macros :D

Keep us updated on those beautiful buds ;)

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Mr. X I want to tell you how much I enjoy your pictures! What a beautiful grow room (I love the LEDS, I'm a new grower, and I'm using LEDS also, but on a much smaller scale than you :), and you are great with the camera..some gorgeous close ups! Keep up the amazing work my friend!

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WOW, what a beautiful grow room and plants, I want one !!!!

Excellent photographs too, make mine look amateur.

What are your LEDs? 3w, 5w more? How much those strips or did you make yourself?

Keep up the great work, love it.


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Hola familia, muchas gracias por comentar! Toaor no estoy seguro, las compro hechas, los leds creo que son de unos 2 vatios, puedes buscar en internet (evoled),

seguro que encuentras las especificaciones. Por ahora me funcionan muy bien estoy contento.

De nuevo gracias por pasar Med4u, smokeythabear420, Mopman, Dust, Potent, Fran, bam-bhole, tokage! gracias por vuestras palabras.

Os dejo algunas fotos, mañana seguimos con las mas sativas!

pd Tokage, esa sativa no tiene nombre...jejeje

Hello family, thank you very much for commenting! Toaor I'm not sure I buy them made, I think the LEDs are about 2 watts, you can search the internet (evoled)

sure to find the specifications. For now I work very well I'm happy.

Again thanks for stopping and your words Med4u, smokeythabear420, Mopman, Dust, Potent, Fran, bam-Bhole, Tokage!

I leave some shots, tomorrow we follow with the more sativas!

pd Tokage sativa that has no name ... hehehe :brunette:










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yeah man as usual High quality macros there :D Starting to have some amber trichomes everywhere, soon the harvest time is coming :D

And the bud shots are beautiful too, thanks for the add man ;)

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