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Cultivando sueños - Growing dreams

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Muchas gracias de nuevo familia!!

Estáis siempre invitados a mi carpa, aquí nos sentamos hacemos un fuego a todo e inhalamos como los indios...jajajaja

En un rato hago nuevas fotos, están preciosas el desarrollo va muy rápido, de las genéticas que tengo hay sativas,

hibridos e índicas, de este modo puedo probar las diferentes lineas de nutrientes, aunque es un poco de trabajo extra.

DKH no te preocupes por el idioma, google es mi mejor amigo, así que será un placer leerte cuando quieras!

Thanks to coment Tokage, Romeu, Cuba... :bye:

Family thank you very much again!

You are always invited to my tent, here we sat around a fire and inhale as the Indians ... hahaha

In a while I make new photos are beautiful development is very fast, I have in those genetics sativa, hybrids and indicas,

so I can test different nutrient lines, although a little extra work.

DKH not worry about the language, google is my best friend, so I will be happy to read you whenever you want!

Thanks to coment Tokage, Romeu, Cuba ... :bye:

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મારા શ્રેષ્ઠ મિત્ર સફેદ lemon.lol છે. તમે ખરેખર સરસ સુયોજિત થયેલ હોય છે. ;):hi:

આભાર ભાઇ, હું સંતુષ્ટ તમને ગમે સફેદ ચૂનો પણ મારી પ્રિય છું, હું તમને વાંચી સંતુષ્ટ છું!

એક આલિંગન.! :brunette:

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ક્યારેક હું મારી ફળ રસ બહાર સ્વીઝ, પરંતુ તે જોઇએ જેમ તે ક્યારેય ચાખી.

Haha two can play that game!

તે દુર્લભ છે એક સારા રસ નથી છોડી, ફળો સામાન્ય રીતે ખૂબ જ સારો છે! તમે અન્ય ફેનોટાઇપ શોધવા પડશે. કોર્સ અને અમે બે ... ત્રણ jajajajja રમી શકો છો!

ઓપન મન! :popcorn:

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Still looking great!! hhihihi don't know what else to say, because it does!!!!

Thx For the info about cam lenses!! My brother is an pro photographer so he will be able to help me out with the settings and stuff :cool:

with Love Greenwitch :wizard:

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Great! you have perfect help, maybe your brother can let you something to try before to buy, because macro world is very complicate, or you love or hate jajaja...

to understand the before posts, you only need use the google tranlate and put lenguaje; Gujarati! --

Estupendo, entonces tienes un ayudante perfecto, quizás te pueda prestar alguno de los objetivos o material antes de comprarlo y así sales de dudas, porque

esto del mundo macro o te encanta o lo odias cuando pruebas un poco. Para entender lo que pone en los anteriores post solo has de poner google traductor el

idioma; Gujarati :girlcrazy:

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Hola familia, muchas gracias por pasar por este humilde hilo,

DKH yo intento traducirlo pero supongo que muchas veces no se entiende,

espero en los próximos meses escribir bien ingles, ahora estoy dedicando mas tiempo en ello,

pero son muchas cosas y muchas drogas no me ayudan jajajajaja!

Pero espero que te sigas pasando, este intenta ser un hilo bilingue...por lo menos lo intento!

Tokage tienes que ser un tio de puta madre, tenemos que irnos juntos a fumar a Amsterdam,

se lo voy a decir a los jefes!! pueden ser grande momentos jajaja un abrazo hermano!

Bueno y vamos con algunas fotos del cultivo, todo va de lujo, los nutrientes funcionan muy bien,

y el color y tensión de las hojas son muy buenos. Podemos observar la felicidad de las plantas

porque todas ellas levantan sus hojas como un hippi saludando al sol por la mañana, eso estupendo.

Saludos y que paséis un buen día!

Hello family, thank you very much for stopping by this humble thread

DKH I Try to translate it but often not understood,

I hope in the coming months to write good English, I am now devoting more time on it,

but many things and many drugs do not help me jajajajaja!

But I hope you continue going on, it tries to be a bilingual thread ... at least I try!

Tokage you have to be a fucking great guy, we have to go to Amsterdam to smoke together,

I'm going to tell the boss! moments can be big brother a hug lol!

Well and go with some pictures of the grow, everything is luxury, nutrients work very well,

and color and tension of the leaves are very good.

We can see the happiness of the plants because they all raise their leaves like a hippie

greeting the morning sun, that's great.

Cheers and Have a nice day!







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hey, My brother will help if he has the time, a good idea trying a lens out before buying :thankyou:

Your English will get better as you go!! and with google translate we all understand verry well !!

Still keep the nice pics up still enjoying over here!!!!!

with love Greenwitch :girlwitch:

hey, mi hermano le ayudará si tiene el tiempo, una buena idea tratar de una lente a cabo antes de comprar: thankyou:

Su Inglés va a mejorar a medida que avanza! y con el traductor de google que todos entendemos mucho encanto, bien!

Aún así mantener a las fotos de Niza sigue disfrutando por aquí!!

con amor Greenwitch: girlwitch:

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Thanks a lot brother!!! yes always better try the lens before, also you can rent for a day, because some lens like mp-e65 are very difficult to use, but is the best one of you want work super macros, the next is microscopic lens and stackments...if today I have time fimally I make a photos with my setup, and you can check! ;)

Muchas gracias hermano, siempre es mejor intentar probar los objetivos primero, algunos como el mp-e65 el mejor macro que hay, son dificiles de usar,lo siguiente son las lentes de microscopio y los apilados, ya hablaremos mas de ello. Si hoy por fin tengo tiempo os pondré unas fotos de mi configuración para macros!

Greetings :brunette:

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Tell the boss he "owe" me one trip to Amsterdam hahahah


Google is my friend aswell. Without it i would not know what is going on in the Spanish section. If you take the time and walk thru the Spanish growers, one will learn much. Spanish speakers have such a deep culture with Marijuana and anyone that do not take the time miss out on much.

Hehe Your stash could not handle Tokage, i would take your plants hostages and release them for more cannabis.



Dile al jefe que "debo" yo un viaje a Amsterdam hahahah;)

Google es mi amigo aswell. Sin ella no sabría lo que está pasando en la sección española. Si se toma el tiempo y caminar a través de los productores españoles, uno aprende mucho. De habla hispana tienen una cultura tan profunda con la marihuana y cualquier persona que no se toman el tiempo se pierda mucho.

Hehe su escondite no podía manejar Tokage, me gustaría tener sus plantas de rehenes y los liberan para más cannabis.

You always have beautiful words and energy, here are very good cannabis culture, but finally only plants, and you only need water and love and comeback magic flowers... :girlcrazy:

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I absolutely love your grow room and clean setup , great stuff and your hippie ladies as you said are loving it man.


Me encanta el cuarto de cultivo y la configuración limpia, una gran cosa y susdamas, hippie, como usted ha dicho les encanta el hombre.

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Amazing setup Mr.X :D

I didn't expect anything less, your girls all look amazing, i am one jealous stoner hehe

Keep up the awesome work can't wait to see them in full flower :D


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Looking great X, the leaves have a very nice color and i see there is lot of flower power on those branches now :D

Them seem to love that powder feeding and you taking care of them with those leds ^^

Keep them strong and keep us updated ;)

Buscando X grandes, las hojas tienen un color muy bonito y veo que hay gran cantidad de poder de las flores en las ramas ahora: D

Ellos parece que el amor que la alimentación de polvo y cuidar de ellos con los leds ^ ^

Mantenga fuertes y mantenernos informados;)

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Como siempre de lujo artista, parece que funcionan bien los nuevos abonos ¿no? Yo tb ando testandolos a ver si en breve vemos

buenos resultados :girlcrazy:

Tan pequeñas aun y con tanta resina..... confiesalo, les metes mano para excitarlas verdad :P


Queremos ver mas!!! Abrazos fiera!

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Hola famiilia! muchas gracias por pasar por el rincón de este humilde cultivador, Bundy974 jajajja, solo soy un amante mas de las plantas. Tokage hermano jajaja,

mis cogollos son tus cogollos!

Juicyjayy la lámpara de sodio es de 600w, con adjust y balastro digital. Los paneles leds son de 90w cada uno. Por ahora todo va perfecto, estoy contento con el

desarrollo, no se aprecian carencias, y la resina empieza a brotar.

También he hecho alguna foto con la cámara montada para hacer macros para que podáis ver un poco su aspecto y configuración, espero que os gusten!

Muchas gracias por pasar a todos, Nvidia, Fran, Mopman... :wub:

saludos y felices fumadas!!

Hello family! thank you very much for stopping by the corner of this humble growerr, Bundy974 jajajja, I'm only just a one lover more of the plants,

nothing more. Tokage brother lol, my buds are your buds!

Juicyjayy sodium lamp is 600w with digital ballast and adjust. The LED panels are 90W each. For now everything is perfect, I'm happy with the

development gaps are not seen, and the resin begins to flow.

I've also done a photo with the camera attached to macros so you can see a little of their appearance and layout, hope you like!

Thanks a lot Nvidia, Fran, Mopman... :wub: Greetings and happy smokes!













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wowowow man that is some kick ass material you have for your cameras man,

And those girls keep looking better and better ;)

keep the good pics coming you know we never get rid of it

Have a good grow pro grower ;)

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The Captain is showing the weaponry of the Grow Space Ship!!!! :mosking:

Muy Bien Mr.X! What a lens and flash!!!!

The plants are loving all two light spectrums, they are thriving and how beautiful it is to see that!!! 8)


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All i can say is WOW FU^(*&^(*&& those are cool pics ;) love it. Is that last photo one of the pistil's ? i reckon you must have some big arms to carry that lens around too lol

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