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strainhunters admin

The truth about Shanti Bla Bla aka Waterboy

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Producing nothing at all?! What are you talking about... PMSL

His strains are in stock everywhere I've looked. And all the seeds I've recieved have been fresh!smiley

Granted, Black Widow (the real white widow) sells out fast and he has trouble producing enough for demand. That isn't a bad thing though, and it's quite pathetic that you're knocking him for that!! LOL

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Mr Nice is not shantis, another BS that you are trying to trick strain hunters users...

And wheres the major seed stores? thats weird?

I invite everyone to read the FULL Arjan's letter, its easy to understand that mr nice have nothing to do with shanti now

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The only people trying to trick customers is Arjan, GHS, strain hunters... and yourself going by that latest post!

Mr Nice is not shanti's ?! LOL

How comes all Mr Nice strains are bred by Shanti, Neville, or both? Huh!

Here, check it out the breeder details of Mr Nice strains from the official Mr Nice site.


Care to elaberate?!

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mr.nice shantibaba is the same thing. jimmy is just getting confused.

you pic is really productive. i don't get your point maxc. are you mad cause you're in the usa and we dont support customers in the us?

its shanti that started the BS and you know it.

you're a perfect example of why arjan wrote the letter. you go around acting like you know everything, when its you that needs to get a reality check.

the seeds do the talking.

now its time to move on.

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"With Luca Bargini and myself he really did some work, but with Neville (he calls him Nev, to look familiar) and Mr. Nice he never really worked. Mr. Nice himself stated in several magazines that he had never had a working relationship with Shantibaba. How funny."

im not confused Admin, i just was mentioning this, for me its the same...


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man your view is biased, if you hate arjan, you're in the wrong place, and this is a friendly forum. we dont fight. people can grow mr.nice seeds here. no one will curse them out for not reading "the letter"... the letter was a one time reaction to the other letter you posted and the video made based on the letter.

Arjan, unlike shanti baba, still sees and speaks to everyone you mentioned in the first letter. the same can't be said for someone else.

me and arjan are like family, like the rest of the gh crew.

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Hey Arjan, Franco and all the peeps at GHSC.

Regardless of what anyone publishes, you have a loyal group of strain hunters on here and we love what you do over at HQ.

Best wishes one and all,

Toaor - Peace

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The people on this forum are here because they choose to be.

I have no interest in negative thinking, thoughts or putting down other people

If you are not sharing friendship, grow advice or something that brings something possitive, say nothing at all.

Possitve things will be recieved greatly and negative things will be just plain ignored.

Peace to the highest


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im pretty sure shanti baba is full of shit if you go to mr seeds web site and look at the strains that they clam are the orginal greenhouse strains you will notice in the site for shark shock mr nice's version of great white shark the forth thumbnail picture is the exsact same picture greenhouse seed has on there website for great white shark i even put the pics side by side to make sure and its the same picture so i tryed doing this with another strain so i looked at mr nice's black widow their version of greenhouse's white widow and the picture didnt match i was alittle confused at first but i kept feeling like ive seen the picture befor that was on the mr nices web site so i starting looking through the strain pics on the green house website and i could it mr nice took the picture from the green house seed company el nino plant thats on the green house website and is using as thier black widow pic considering all of the green house bud pics are in the same style and this happened not once but twice on mr nice's website one would have to conclude shanti baba is full of it.

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wow u whining bitches still cooking on this whole ridicoulous story .. havent been here for a few months took a break cause i thought it was too much bitching and backstabbing and idiotic badmouthing of other companies .. i see nothing has changed

get over it and get on in ur lives .. stop whining and badmouthing and talking shit the forum is suffering from ur it i know more than myself that arent here anymore becaose of all the whining and shittalking

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Like I told you in chat, Up to you to ignore it man. And show me another thread (recent) you consider whining and shittalking about other companies, or anyone on this forum please, cause i really don't see any.

You're mistaking on the forum i think WhiteR, come and hang around a little everyday you'll see no shittalking, except some little member fighting rarely maybe.

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llf im pmsfl i have seen some of the stuff he has put up on you tube over the years and it just makes me laugh i have been buying green house seeds for years now and wouldnt go anywhere else to be honest and big up to arjan for putting him straight after all these years

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