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The truth about Shanti Bla Bla aka Waterboy

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I have known Jorge, and Nevil since the mid 1980s. The last time I visited The Netherlands Arjan, Scott, and Nevil were partners on the same team and doing good work at GHSCand everyone was getting along just fine. It is sad to me that in such a small community of brothers, and sisters who have always worked against difficult odds to make this a better World for us all at times spend so much energy in quarrels that accomplish nothing. Long before I gave Nevil the Northern Lights strains I came to the conclusion that ego, and greed are a dark shadow that tends to cloud our path.

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i wouldent say that alex. for one when you mix two different specices of marijuana plants from completely different regions and put them together your doing something that wouldent happen in nature and the plants created will then share genes from the mother and father creating a hole new genetic profile also mutations are done on purpose all the time with plants ever heard of GM soya beans, monsanto literally designed a soybean that will omit pesticides on its own known in the north american farming community as round up ready soy beans.

they do this with all sorts of crops so they can slap a patient on it and effectivly own nature its not right it seems almost against nature but its happening so to get to my point man can own a plant most definatly. i dont agree with what monsantos doing but i do feel that when someone takes the time to look for a certain two different strains of cannabis and trys breeding them together the outcome in the very least in the cannabis community should be respected and the person who cause this unison should be credited. and if we wanna keep it to nature we should give credit because sooner or later someone gonna say im sick of all these people taking from my hard work and then design a GM marijuana so they can own more then just the name. company's like monsanto are the reason i dont support marijuana legalization in north america its rumored they already have a GMO cannabis strain ready and have for over 10 years.

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Primo Pot, Patents, and Greed: This reminds me of a trip I took to Vancouver years ago to see the Prince of Pot the infamous Marc Emery. Marc was selling all the good strains, NL, Rino, Widow, and growing his own seeds and calling them his own property. Marc at the time seemed to have one of the biggest egos I have ever encountered and from the way he wanted to do business the greed matched the ego. After deciding the guy was a major waste of my time I had no question that one day he would find that karma matters. I wonder now how humble Marc must be in federal detention in Mississippi doing time South of the Mason Dixon Line? Ben from Sensi Seed also got a good laugh when i asked him why it was proper to patent the name Northern Lights because everyone just tended to germinate the seeds and then do what they wanted without regard to the law. After surviving Vietnam i always figured the bigger the target one creates the easier it is to get hit in an ambush. Another example is Nevil who went from the King of Cannabis Castle to a jail cell in Australia when Uncle Sam pressured the Aussies to take care of business. The story Robert told me how Nevil got out of that jam is an amazing tale of the true creative nature of Mr. Schoenmaker. The keys are to keep a low profile, don't get greedy, and watch your karma.

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Seems Shantibaba is getting a lot of props. Man that Greenhouse he ran in GCH was a High tech Major enterprise. Really a dream come true. Talk of High Tech factory size - a football field covered with glass filled with plants ! He went in jail for that and arguably mashed up the Legalization efforts over there. i don't know . I never partial esp. if i don't lknow the people well and have no clue what went down.

Mr Nice is doing well,..

Whatever. GHS is the leader, no question. best quality fair prices and the best service. Strainhunting is beyond cool.

As far as genetics go, Once a breeder has established a stable new brand like say El Nino, Big Rhino or GWS etc. he should have the right to be the only one to sell it by that name. If others use these seeds and add a tiny bit from another plant in order to have that great product in his shop, too - okay - not fair, but fair use.

Thank god we are not near the horrors of commercial Gen Pools like Monte Satan, who want to make every planter a slave to their greedy business plots.

I hate that. Hope GHS will not end up in a situation like that, once the seed business is legal !!!

All these friendly farmers might think bad about sharing their genetis like this then.

Not sure how they get compensated for their seeds and it is none of my beeswax- I think Arjan + Franco are fair, but who knows what the future might bring sp. when we talking billions of bucks !

Who knows if that day ever comes...

Free The Herb and the people living in it.

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It's a real shame there is so much muck slinging in the cannabis community and I hate to stir the pot, but I found this picture evidence quite compelling.

There is something on the Internet called Tineye, which crawls images, records them and you can use it to identify when an image was first used online.

I just used it on those two mr nice pictures and the results are, well, damning. All the oldest references to those pictures are Greenhouse related.



In both cases with Mr Nice Shark Shock and Black Widow, the original images were clearly Greenhouse images first.

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