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strainhunters admin

Admin's Blog! What are we up to at the Green House Head Quarters

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Jack you are amazing mate.

Without you there would be no Strain Hunters site.

You skill in coding is easy for all to see.

I regret that when I was in Amsterdam i did not get a chance to meet u, but then maybe that is better for you as all i would have been doing is picking you brains and talking about linux. Perhaps not so good for you.

I admire your skill and thank you for all your hard work here and for wanting to keep us all informed.

happy coding mate


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Props and respect to Donny and Papa smurf and all the Strainhunters staff for doing such an excellent job with these new forums.

Took me a few days to get used to the new lay out but wow i'm really loving it with all it's new features and the way it is layed out.

Keep on keeping on, this site is going from strength to strength.

:wub: :wub: :wub:

Peace hunters


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Well well well!!! As the big admin doesn't love us anymore hihi :P :P :P I went on a little info hunt for you guys, and collected as much pictures as i could Get from the Strainhunters Seedbank seed production, so you guys can see a little what's hapening while we wait patiently ;) ;) :rabbi: :rabbi: :rabbi::brunette:

Well it's still not huge amount of picture, but better than nothing :rabbi: :rabbi:

Some of you might have seen those pics already sorry for them no big news then haha ^^

First some shots of the seed crops and some test crops for the strainhunters Seedbank ;)











This are 2 pictures from the SeedCrop of the FlowerBomb Kush, i shared them already in a thread on here but here they are again ^^



Those 2 shots are from the crossing for the MangaRosa!!! hihi some are gonna be happy ;)



And finally 2 shots of White Lemon from our dear Mr.X we're used to seeing it, but such a nice strain it's always good to see more ;)



That's all i've found guys, as soon as i find more i collect it for you ;)

Have a great day hunters!! Keep on sharing and growing :D

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