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strainhunters admin

Admin's Blog! What are we up to at the Green House Head Quarters

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Thank you oldermarine, but all the pictures are from Mr.X as often when you see beautiful pictures ;)

Bless everyone thanks for the suport ;)

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Dust, Arjan has a great team and this forum is another prime example of doing things right combined with high standards. More than a few Cannabis forums become places of petty bickering and useless drivel. Here at Strainhunters we see how a very professional well regulated educational forum brings the world closer to a greater understanding of modern horticulture. People like Mr. X, Tokage, and yourself deserve a round of applause.

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Thanks a lot man it's always a pleasure to read members are happy here :D You are all part of the good working order of this forum ;)


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What up guys here are few more Shots From Mr.X and Jose, of some of the Strainhunters Seedbank strains ;)

Gonna be awesome ^^



The blood moon!! awesome!


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Hey guys!!

Got a new batch of nice photos From Jose.gh And Mr.X look like we'll have a some awesome strains!!













Can't wait to see those in actions :D

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Do we know what strain is what yet? The all look amazing and the photos are as clear and crisp as we have come accustomed to from Mr X.

Hairy ones, bubbly ones, shiny ones, black ones, its like a sweet shop, I can't wait to taste!! :)

Thanks for sharing.

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That looks absolutely breathtaking guys, I know you have been avoiding purple strains due to potency issues, finding decent parents takes time I'm sure ;) and by the looks of things you guys have found some beautiful genetics ;) I will await the release of these strains with hope and excitement, like when my missus was pregnant, lol :)

Well done GHSC ;)

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i know i used to buy packs of seeds a month promised i wouldnt get anymore till strain hunters seed bank opens up and with all this crazy talk about banning seeds in uk time may be short to get my hands on um , might be smuggleing time for me lol

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Whats happening WITH greenhouse right now?   looks from this forum  its gone to quiet so to long.

hope this is the calm before the storm   


Hi mate, 

What is happening?  Now it's summer, vacation, there are also many, many fairs around the world where Green House visit and has stand, to help all farmers and provide info. Too many trips but maybe some surprises .... everything is possible :)

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