How to make Quick wash ISO - Budder (QWISO)

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How to make Budder (QWISO) quick wash iso hash
This artical was copied and pasted from grasscity
"Hashmouf's Official Guides to Homemade Hash" {Step by Step Pictorials}

Hello and welcome to Hashmouf's Official Guide To Making Quality "QWISO HASH" wave.gif

There are many different techniques used to make hash, today will we be making "QWISO HASH" often called "QWISO" for short. "QWISO" means = Quick Wash ISO, The Quick wash referring to the short amount of time that the trimmings will be in contact with the ISO better known as Isopropyl Alcohol, which is the solvent used to extract the Trichomes to make hash.

As simple a technique this may be there are 3 golden rules to remember for optimal quality.

1. Quality trimmings or buds : The higher quality of trimmings equals the higher quality of hash

2. Proper equipment : The right tools make the extraction easier and preserve purity of the hash

3. Time and patience : By rushing the process you will lose quality and have a low grade hash

OK so now that we have gone over the basics for making Quality QWISO lets go over the equipment list.

1. Well dried quality trimmings or buds. for this demonstration I will be using a quarter OZ. of some premium trimmings from my last harvest of Purple Princess.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol, I like to use 91% to prevent etraction of unwanted chlorophyll.

3. A large jar, I used an old pickle jar that was well cleaned.

4. Strainers, 1 large strainer will do but I prefer at least 2 for easier handling. For this I will use 3 for optimal purity.

5. 2 Coffee filters, I use 2 coffee filters doubled up to increase the purity of the extraction

Here are some pics of the strainer filter assembly





6. A plate for pouring and evaporating your ISO extraction.

Now we have listed all of our equipment, your work area should look like this.

Once you have all of your equipment ready the QWISO making begins. Follow these 10 simple steps precisely and you will have Quality QWISO HASH every time.

Step 1. Place Dried trimmings or buds in freezer for 30 minutes.

Step 2. After your trimmings have been in the freezer for 30 minutes, Carefully transfer them into your jar.

Step 3. Pour the Isopropyl Alcohol over the trimmings until completely covered.


Step 4. allow to soak for 30 seconds, no more no less.

Step 5. Shake as hard as you can for 30 seconds, no more no less.

Step 6. Pour into strainer filter over evaporation plate and allow to fully drain



Step 7. After you filter the extraction on to the evaporation plate, Carefully move to a safe place and position in front of a small fan allow to evaporate and dry by air for 24 hours minimum [NEVER USE HEAT FOR EVAPORATION !!!! this will lower the quality of your QWISO]


Step 8. When the alcohol has evaporated and the extraction has fully dried for a minimum of 24 hours you are ready to harvest your QWISO HASH.

Step 9. Once the QWISO is ready for harvest, Carefully use a razor blade to scrape the plate.




Step 10. Top off a bowl or a blunt with some high quality QWISO HASH and enjoy !!!!!!



SECOND WASH : If you have a high grade trimming with high trichome concentration a second wash is recommended. Even though the quality will be lower then the first wash the second wash will still produce a handsome reward.

For a second wash place your trimmings back into the jar, cover with isopropyl alcohol and soak for 30 seconds then shake for 30 seconds. Repeat filtering process and let evaporate and dry for 24 hours minimum. After the evaporation and drying is complete harvest your second batch of QWISO.

Here are some pis of my second wash of the same trimmings.




Finally, a quality comparison from 3 different washes of the same herb. The first wash is on the left, the second in the middle, the third on the right.

Thank you for vising Hashmouf's Official Guide to making Quality "QWISO HASH" Now go make some and get loaded !!!!!!!! biggrin.gif

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damn how come i missed it.. wonderful lamsbread!! :)

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Lovely and easy , will try this soon , thanks for the upload ;)

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Good one, but this not a budder, this only qwiso no it´s the same. To make budder you need make oil first, and later emulsionat, with quick moviments to put air inside. The two results are good, but differents tastes and powerful.

something like this...


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Oh my word!

Mr X you are the champion, can't get over just how beautiful delicious and perfect that looks, wow.

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looking nice a little like BHO on the first pic, and more like dry hash on second pic ^^

Thanks for the lil pics, was it long to make?

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ok thanks for the nice detailed steos you used! :) the final product seems to be pretty nice, you'll tell us how it taste ;)

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yeah i've heard same things said by people about the taste being beter in BHO, and for sure i've smoked some Crazy extraction with so many terpenes in your mouth it's impossible to define it lol, but has to be done perfectly and it's rare to find god extractions anywhere i think ^^

Thanks for the lil report man have a good smoke ;)

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I'm very interested in this extraction. I have been looking at ways I cant extract with a my first grow. Unfortunately it turn hermaphrodite on me and now tis all seed. I have so much trichome on the plant still I would like to extract and make the most of what I have. This process looks easier and seems to have a better result than bubble or dry ice. Would you recommend this to the other methods?

I'm also considering taking a potion of my grow and try rubbing.. Any advice would be gratefully accepted, as all of this stuff is totally new and foreign to me. I know no one around where I live that does this type of thing. So in essence I could obtain trim from other growers and produce for the local community.

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that looks okay i prefer bho

do u yield more this way than bho

and how clean does it taste compared to bho

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Thanks man! this helped me out a lot.

When it's done, I'll post some pic's of the end result.

thanks again!

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first sry to open old thread

my question is if i was to use iso alc of 99.9% would it extrac more or less chlorophyll


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In the tutorial above 91% iso is used to reduce the amount of chloraphyll in the extraction.

Using a higher pecentage will have more chloraphyll in it.



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OK, just like we now have coffee-automats in so many of our homes that use safe and reliable high pressure extraction processes, and which give us a choice of some of the most wonderful and powerful coffee drinks at the press of a button, now Phillips or Siemens should produce equally safe and reliable infusion & extraction cannabis-automats for home use...


in MY home.


That would be nice, wouldn't it?

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Hi, the post looks awesome, in my case the medicinal part it's what interest me the most and this is perfectly explained.

It's a shame that the images went down, there were a posibility to re publish those? 


Love that work!


Good smokes bruh!

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