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local hash

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thank you :)

i dont really know exactly what kind of hash it is. the dealer told me it was Kashmir/Cashmere dont really know how you spell it. but its taste fine and gives a nice high

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What kind of hash is that and how is the smell, taste and potency?

EDIT: i was a few seconds late with my question lolol

The smell is spicy and a little sweet :) the taste is a little hard to decribe but very mild spicy, flowerish taste. with a potency from 1 to 10 i would give it a 6 :)

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heres some blu temple flo bubble i did last nite,its got that ol skool flav of cedar,nutmeg,spicy,with a bluberry background,very stoney

i luv hash hope you do too,peace


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Here's some Blueberry I put thru the ice-o-lator and the herbal press. I put a 1 euro coin in there to make a stamp, but it doesn't show that well coz there is not so much relief on the coin.


You can't really develop a lot of force with one of these little presses; I think I'm going to weld something together using a car jack so I can get more press power.

Nice Euphoric high on this one. Seems to be quite an active one, good whilst doing little odd jobs round the house :)

Beautiful seeing everyone's hash out there! If the world economy falls, I reckon we should use little hash blocks/nuggets/coins as a form of currency :pleasantry:

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nice guys some nice hashes there :D that little press looks perfect for me :D

And very nice treats pheno, no joke! :)

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Love the little press , do you have the details where you ordered it from , cool idea with the coin aswell ;)

Hi Mopman, I purchased the press from http://420shop.nl/diverse-cannabis-accessoires/hasj-accessoires/power-pollen-press.html but I believe they only deliver in Holland and Belgium so if you're outside that region you'll need to look further. II ordered from this shop coz it's the cheapest I fouund for this particular press, but you can get it elsewhere too. Just don't get something called the 'Piecemaker'. It's good quality, but at 140 Euros quite overpriced IMHO.. I paid 27,50 Euros for mine and does a good job. I think next time I might stick it in the oven to see if I can get a darker, more professional looking hash out of it. Am a little worried that the metal parts will expand because of the heat though and possibly impede proper movement.. we'll see.

Peace bro

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i noticed looking threw this that some of you guys use bubble bags well it just so happens i know of a pretty nice trick with bubble bags i thought i would share next time you make a batch try this out ok so after you finnish collecting the tricromes and they com out of the bag gentally use a fabric towel like a sham wow or the fabric that sometimes comes with bubble bags and a paper towel to take some of the moisture off the hash but still leaving the trichromes somewhat wet then place them while wet on a plate of waxed paper in little piles then take that plate and place it in the freezer over night or until it is frozen straight threw then take the plate out of the freezer and allow to thaw on the counter. you hash will turn out to be like a waxy consistancy malleable and very easy to deal with and it all melts together to it elminates the need for pressing the hash.

i learned this technique while watching a video subcool made on making hash it's a 30 mins video but the first 20 min's is just showing you how to use bubble bags it\f you wanna see the end part that i just described just fast forward the video below to around the 20 min mark

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