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Day 1

It's hard to describe the feelings: another Strain Hunters adventure begins today, a very special one. For the first time, we are going live from the trip, directly on the forums.

I have been preparing this trip for months, but I still can't say I feel completely ready. There is always an element of uncertainty in the air, it's a tricky mission….

Arjan and myself have been waiting for Simon to arrive from Africa, and also for Mister-X, our new brave photographer that follow us for the first time, documenting the trip with lots of images.

After spending few hours at the office doing the final checks on the equipment and the luggage, we finally get a taxi and head to the airport. The sky is grey and low.

Few joints before checking in, then we catch a short flight to another European capital, to meet the three guys from our film-crew. The group is now 7 large. We are all very excited, and we spend the night in a hotel near the airport, eating, drinking, smoking and talking about the travels ahead.

There is a very charged atmosphere. The weed, brought to us by a local friend, burns sweet and musky. It's good Cheese.

We go to bed but we hardly can get some sleep.











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Day 2

After a quick breakfast and a last joint we head back to the airport for the long flight to the Caribbean. We are fully loaded, carrying over 250 kg of luggage (personal effects, 2 video-cameras, a sound-bag, and lots of other equipment for photo and video), but we manage to move fast.

The check-in procedures are pretty slow, and we finally board the Boeing 777 at around 9 am local time.

The flight is very long. Flying during the day is really hard for a heavy-smoker… I can hardly sleep, so I spend time watching movies, and reading notes about the mission on my ipad.

After a time that feels eternal, we finally land on the Caribbean island that we selected for the beginning of our Strain Hunters expedition.

Our local contact, Dr. Green, is waiting for us outside the airport with 2 cars, and we immediately drive away. I drive one of the jeeps, a dark-red Land Rover, while Dr. Green drives the other one. As I start driving, I force myself to quickly get used to sticking on the left side of the road and to operating the gear with my left hand. This is the way on most caribbean islands, which are ex-English colonies. Time to get high on some really strong imported weed, after all that time spent in the airplane. It tastes sweet and fruity, it reminds me of Bubba Kush; after a few minutes I am totally stoned, and loving it. To be able to smoke this kind of imported grade is very rare on this island, possible only for few connected people.

We drive through crazy traffic, until we reach the capital city. It's now dark, after a tropical sunset that colored the sky of purple and pink.

Dr. Green takes us to his restaurant, called Wicked Wings. It's a special fried-chicken outlet, serving over 48 different sauces! We are really hungry, so after filming a short interview and an arrival-scene we dive into the dinner. The chicken is awesome, and the sauces very tasty (especially the Sweet Thai Chilly and the Mango). We are jet-lagged and tired, and we can't wait to get some rest. We still stop for a smoke at Dr. Green's home, then we drive to a hotel in a suburb, away from the tourist spots and from visibility. We hire the entire place, all the rooms, so we are sure to have some privacy. The only intruders now are the cockroaches. But they can keep our secrets…;-)

Tired, stoned and happy I finally take a shower and pass out. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day, and we have a very exciting program!

PS: I am not telling you where we are for security reasons, and also because you will have to guess it at the end of this adventure. This live-thread is a great opportunity to win great prizes, so try to get clues from our pics and our stories, and be ready to answer a few tricky questions when we get back to Amsterdam!










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looks like they will have very nice and enjoyable starin hunters expeditions. cant wait to see some pictures from the first caribbean field. I think i already now in what caribbean island you are, but never sure, strain hunters expeditions always surprise me

good luck Franco, Arjan, Simon and the rest of the crew, hope you find amazing strains

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