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Live from Vienna - Cultiva Expo

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Here we go.... Another surprise! Live from Vienna! This morning I boarded a KLM flight with 3 colleagues, and now we're here. Vienna is chilly today. Grey, low sky. But the spirits are high.... Now all we gotta do is get something to smoke. We get a cab to the Expo, at the Pyramide in Vosendorf. As soon as we get there we meet Aaron from DNA Genetics, and he kindly offers a couple of joints from his private stash... Kosher Kush! Great smoke. It feels immediately much better. Now it's time to build the stand! Pics soon....

Attached files 1_0.JPG 231to.JPG 312314141.JPG 3123425114.JPG 3123425114_0.JPG 32131.JPG 32131312.JPG 321344o.JPG 321523oto.JPG ph31231231oto.JPG ph4242oto.JPG pho31231to.JPG pho312421to.JPG phot31231o.JPG photo.JPG photo2313.JPG

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Almost finished building the stand, looks cool!

Found some low-grade hash, and some high-grade bud (again from Aaron, respect brother!!)

Getting hungry, and in need for redbull

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The stands are looking good, hopefully it will be very busy :D but not too busy where ya rushed hehe

Bozoph you used to make them! I used to set them up lol

looking forward to more reports :)

Have fun dude

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Ready to pass out....

Tomorrow it's going to be busy!

We had a few drinks at the bar, and a few joints in the smoking room of the hotel. Surprisingly tolerant Austria!!!

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