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Live from Vienna - Cultiva Expo

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not easy to wake up today. Need more coffee.... lucky for me we have a coffee machine on the stand this time.

Smoking the last little bit left of the Kosher Kush from Aaron, today will look for more bud.

Attached files photo-35.JPG photo-36.JPG photo-37.JPG photo-38.JPG photo-39.JPG photo-40.JPG photo-41.JPG photo-42.JPG photo-43.JPG photo-44.JPG photo-45.JPG photo-46.JPG

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It's cool to see such a nice atmosphere when you guys should be killin each other to secure part of a pretty closed market.... Have a fun trip in vienna, must be cold as fuck right now, btw could i ask the dimension of the black box you've shown, it's my first grow on black box and i thought i'll lack space at the end but the one you've shown seems to take it pretty well!



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Here we go! It's the morning of the last day @ Cultiva!

Last night we went out, great dinner, then went to club Flex to stretch our legs a bit... awesome night.

Here's a video from the saturday:


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the expo is almost over. two more hours... today it was less busy than yesterday, we had plenty of time to get high and chill... but soon it's time to take down the stand.

we can only say:


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Danke Danke Danke!!!!! Mille grazie di tutto....Bellissima esperienza, grandissima organizzazione!!!! Un ringraziamento particolare va allo staff della Green House Strain Hunters.....a Franco ed i suoi collaboratori!!!!! Thank You Francoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sei un Grande!!!!!!

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