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We were going to announce the top 10 contestants today, but there are 8!

Tomorrow: Friday the 3rd of November 2011 at 15:00pm GMT+1 (Amsterdam)
We will be announcing the winners live through: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/strain-hunters-live

So the best results came from the following users (in no particular order) (you guys can start getting excited)



1st: Potent -2

2nd: Jimmy of Sweden -4

3rd: Davieboy33 -4

potent 2
dust 4
SuperSilverHaze78 4
davieboy33 4
macca 4
chino 4
Jimmyofsweden 4
Rowsdower 4
Overgrowing kiwi 5
elektro 5
Bozoph 6
2cool4school 7
bvb 7
pana86 8
dolomite 9
Fingolfin 10
Devil's Weed 11
gabbroff 11
skullfu 13
Sebastian Ruderalis 16
Markus 18

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Get in.......... im at work jumping around... and i cant really explain to people why hahahaha lol......love it... well done to all the top 8

good luck goes with that..... and i have enlisted the help of a hit man so by tomorrow morning there will only be one of us left to claim prize :)

that was a joke by the way just incase somebody keels over in the next day or two lmao.... it wasn't me ;)

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What a day it's been already!!!! Made the top 8 AND just got my Ice Dream seeds in...Can't wait to see the results of the both draw & seeds, lol.
Much respect to Franco & everyone @ Strain Hunters for this great opportunity! ...lovin this site more & more each day.

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