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MapleLeaf_Flail - Ice Dreams - (5/11/2011) -11/01/12

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Ok First step in my test!!!

Got my seeds yesterday, starting today :D

I was expecting Exodus Cheese but received Ice Dream Instead, Not complaining :D

very curious of the White Lemon, but I guess thats for another time xD

So here is my general plan.

I am Germinating 3 seeds, All will be treated the same way for this test.

Feed and additives to be used in Veg Cycle.


Green Up / Dry leaf Product (1-3.5-0)

Medium being used: Coca coir 70% / Hy Droton Clay Pellets 30%

Room Temperatures:

Lights on : 21*c-26*c

Lights off: 15*c-19*c

LIghts: 400w HPS + 3 CFL equaling about 120w.

A humidity dome will be used in Seed and seedling states.


More to come later


Peace and pot

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Hey man, please check H3rbalizer Ice Dream test, herbie did it in coco. U will find there many important informations like ppm and so. Smoke get u high for sure, u will love it i bet.

Best luck!

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Okay, Day two.

Stired the water a bit, will do so again before i leave for work.

no change, but not change was expected xD

so here is my plan, convoluted and all...

so i'm testing 3 seeds for this first run. all will be treated exactly the same except for when they are harvested

Each plan will be topped at 6 inches, Just once, reason being i want to see how a feminized plant clones. this will be included as part of my test.

Depending on Vigor I am aiming to Veg these girls from anyway between 20 to 40 days, let the plants sorta tell me when they are ready to switch.

so your asking yourself why any i doing three if they are all gunna be treated the same? the harvest is the diffrence.

my the cataloug this strain is to take 9 weeks bloom indoors, great :D, so one of the girl will be harvest at 8 weeks, the next at 9 and then the final at 11weeks.

the goal being to have a small scope of the effect of the plant if harvested early, on time and late!, also with the late plant i'm hoping to stess her into hermafroditisim

in the last two weeks to see if it is possiable to harvest the pollen genetics as well.

The clones IF they make it (i've been inform that Fem'd seeds don't clone well at all....) will be treated the same as the plant it came from accept they will be throwin into bloom with the original plant hopefullly shortly after rooting,

I intend to cure the harvest also, maybe only for 4 weeks, maybe half of each harvest will be cured longer depending how it is after a month

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Just got my Ice Dream seeds too, and like you was expecting Exodus Cheese, but can't complain w/ the switch. I assume mine are feminized as well. I have to wait another month or so to start mine, so it'll be interesting to see the progress of your grow.
Keep on keepin' on....

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good luck woth your ID i've received some too, as soon as other grow is finish they'll go ;)

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@ copious

I wouldn't even try to clone an auto flower.. plant wouldn't be tall enough before it bloomed to have a decent size clone taken and have it not start to flower while its rooting.

the information shared with me is that Feminized seeds are F3 generation and beyond, and this amount of inbreding causes issues with cloning.. - i call bullshit on this and want to test it myself. sunds like someone that can't make feminized seeds trying to hold on to his sales..

@ tokage

thank you again my friend for the compliment check back regualrly i am going to be trying to do two to four updates a week if the progress warents it

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well they have been moved into rockwool cube, I'm finding these seeds rather Slow. took 4-5 days to even crack open.

there is a potential of human error, might have been in too cool of a place. so i'm not blaming the seeds at all just noting my findings

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after 20 some odd hours in rockwool I am now seeing the beginning of the taproots

(they are not staying in rockwool, just incubating them before they go into the coca coir/clay mix)

they have been moved out of my main area and into a seperate area with the first stage clones will try to get some pics tonight.

cheers guys

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Happy new home,

Day 7 (the 3 rockwool cubes are the ice dream, they jsut started showing tap root.)


birds eye veiw


40w cfl cool white... fyi : camera's dnt like this lmao




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lol can"t see lots of things but thanks for pics ^^ At least you lnow humidity is high enough in your dome ;)

Have a good grow

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dont fret ole dusty, there will be more plant porn tomorrow, but it is 5:17 am and i do intend to sleep tonight, i've got a nice stone going :D its a rarity

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ok, I finally have something to update you guys with, pics to follow tonight eventually.

well only 1 of my 3 started seeds are sprouting i have to dig the other two up to figure out whats going on them.

if they failed, then i will restart my test once i figure out whats going on.

If i restart my test I am going to be doign almost the exact same accept the one that has sprouted will be theone that i clone from rather then the three in the test.

make it slightly less compliacted, also i will not be topping the next three if i restart. see how that works out for space in my area.

i will keep everyone updated

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Finally have something to update.

so in the time since my last update some of you might have caught sight of a sick plant in with my clones.

well that was my Ice Dream. She got sick with god knows what... then got nuit locked within a very short span of time.

shes been in recovery ever since!

not sure the illness she came down with but a series of flushes and dry outs seamed to have cured those issue.

unfortunatly now, She is Stunted... just over 4 inches in height at an age of 1 month and two days from seedling.

she has been pinched and looks kinda hungry now so i'm gunna post this and go feed the girls.


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too bad i hope she will make it through, she'll come out of this stronger ;)

others seems to look good,

have a good grow ;)

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So if you've been following my other thread i meantioned i am having issues with my brand of coco brick

so i'm cleaning house taking clones and being coming a killer..

here is my first victim


noticed the white mold...NOT HAPPY about that.. main reason i am switch back to Canna Coco it doesn't mold when its not supozed to


7 nice clones :D

well keep people updated.

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