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All of them germinated very well and these are the first 2 days under a 130w LED light. Next step will be to transplant them into 7L vases.

In the mean time I'll prepare the soil and fill up all the 18 pots. 🌱

I'll be using the Bio line from Green House Feeding. 🦾

- wishing you and your plants all the best 🤙

keep growing!



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 All set to start this run! 💯

  • Day 4 under LED ligh and first day after the transplant to the 7L pots.

I splitted 18 (20x20x30cm) pots in 2 (60x60x160cm) grow tents, so they all fit perfectly inside.

The selection was made based on the germination/ seedling process or by some anomaly in the plant.

In the left tent I got 4 Sweet Valley Kush and 5 Velvet Moon under a 130w LED light.

In the tent on the right side I got 4 King's Juice and 5 Wonder Pie under a 185w LED light.

Light cycle 18/6 ☀️

Humidity ± 70% 💧

Temperature ± 25C° 🌡️


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