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Runtz with Biofeeding in autopots


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Hello all together, 

this time i will try the autopot xl System. 

With a 45l reservoir and 4 pots with 20l each. 

First i let them rooting in 1 liter pots. After that they will grow in 3 liter pots and finally they go into the autopot system. 

The substrate is coco coir mixed with perlite. 70/30

Per liter substrate i mixed 3.5g bio grow powder. For the rooting pots only 2g per liter and about 250g dynomyco mycorrhiza. 

Let them grow. 





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The first week is over.

One of them react a little bit. I think for her it's light nutrientburn. But for now the little plants look nice to me. 

Next weekend they become enchancer for the first time. 



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Little Update at Day ten. 

They love the bio feeding line i think. The fourth noide is growing actually. At the fifth i will do topping at all four plamts. 

My New lights are the greenception  gc x9. I've thinked a lot about the sanlight but at least the german brand geeenception was my favourite.

Actually the lights are at 30% of vegetative grow light.  At the weekend i will increase it up to 45 or 50%. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

Middle of week three. 

Time to pot the little girls in the final 20l pots. Normally I take a 3l pot between the rooting and the final pot. But this time i try the autopot system and so they will be in there final pots now. 

Let them grow. 

Lights at 60% 






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End of week 5. 

I decide to kick out two of them. The two girls let everything hang one morning and were bright yellow. I then disposed of them.

After that I defoliated the other ones. Take a look. No more words needed. ^^ 

One more thing, tomorrow after I have watered with the enchancer. I will install the autopot system.








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End of week 6.

The autopots are in use, after some initial hesitation because of the pH value. It changed continuously, from 5.6 to 6.8.
I then read through several forums. There is the possibility of demineralising the water. However, I think this is pointless, as the minerals are added again by the fertiliser. So far, these pH fluctuations have not had any noticeable effect on the plants. On the contrary, the growth is remarkable.

At the end of the week I changed the water in the reservoir. I cut out a few more leaves and started to tie down the shoots with hemp ropes.
With one plant, the topping has become more of a fimming, which I don't find too bad, but see for yourself 😉 Grow on!

Grow on!






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A small intermediate cut on mit week 7

I used the scissors again in the middle of the week and cut out the lower small shoots. Most of them hardly get any light because the leaf canopy is very dense. After that, I realigned the shoots with the help of the hemp ropes, i.e. pulled them deeper. This way all the shoots should get an equal amount of light.

I am no longer worried about the pH fluctuations in the water tank. The plants have now taken almost 15 litres of water in 3 days and don't give me the impression that they are growing badly. Of course, I will continue to keep an eye on things and keep you informed.






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9 hours ago, Streetstrainsuk said:

Very nice. Congratulations on the drip feeder. Is it taking the stress away or just replacing one stress for another? 
haha 😂

the plants look really well for it there's no denying that. They are going to be big when you flip 😉👌🏼

Thank you very much. I appreciate that. With the autopots the stresslevel for me is lower. For now. 😀 The first week was a horror. I checked the pH value every day and it kept climbing. From 5.7 to 7.4. after a lot of research I was able to calm down a little. The appearance of the plants contributed to this. I currently add 30 litres of pH-adjusted water once a week and the result speaks for itself I think. 

About 1 or 2 weeks to the switch. 😉

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After 8 weeks of vegetation I switched the lights to 12/12. 

I noticed that defoliation and direct switch is not the best idea. Think that's too much stress. But still growing. I added a net in the tent for the stretch. So I can tie them down under it. 




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End of the first flowering week. 

They are really thirsty. I noticed that the two girls have a little nutrient burn. What can I do? I will try to water a few times per hand and take a look after that in a few days.. 





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End of the week.

I have removed the net for the time being, the shoots are kept apart well by the LST and since the stretch has been so moderate so far. It will only be installed again when I need it.




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On 3/8/2022 at 12:53 AM, Iceni special branch said:

I don't think they will stretch much at all looking like they will fill out nicely, I find the net restricts and slows the growth because the amount of tops, when you release the main top things seem to speed up going back to a main top 😉

Yes the stretch wasn't much. Yes i like to grow without a net so I can rotate the plants while defoliation or to take a closer look. 

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