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Here we go again, ready to burn, FIRE! HOT! RED!

We are LIVE again, this time from freezing Amsterdam! It's time for another edition of the best stoner's party of the year:


We are now at the 24th edition, and it's an event that does not need introductions.

It's the mother of all cannabis meetings, bringing together smokers, growers, smugglers, breeders, seedmakers, coffeeshop owners, cannabis travelers, and all kind of people from all kind of places. They all come to Amsterdam to judge the best cannabis of the year, and to have a hell of a time with their friends. It started as a small private event in 1988, it is now a couple of thousands Judges large... and growing. Many times I have heard criticism about the tecnicalities of the vent, but people should understand what the spirit behind it is, and what it has done for the cannabis cause in the last 24 years. Yes, there might be better Cups when it comes to really judging cannabis (no blind testing, too many strains to judge in a few days, and so on...), but there would be none of them, and no cannabis expos and tradeshows either, if it wouldn't be for the Cannabis Cup pioneering the industry. Steven Hager, founder and organizer, has my maximum respect and I consider him a cannbais hero and a cannabis legend.
This thread is a celebration of the Cup, so please open other threads if you want to argue technicalities. This thread is here to keep you informed and updated with what we do during the Cup, and to show the whole world how much fun people can have with cannabis.

Personally, this is my 11th Cannabis Cup (1 as a judge in 1999, 10 representing Green House in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010).
I've only missed it in 2007, when I was busy in Africa for a few months... ;-) but that's another story.

Anyway, the Cannabis Cup begins officially on the 20th of November, but in reality many judges are already arriving in town starting from tomorrow. For me, the 24th High Times Cannabis Cup has already started. I have been busy all day preparing the Vaporizers, having meetings about the logistics, the goodie-bags, the stickers, the posters, the stand for the Expo, the presentation of our entries, and a LOT more.
Starting tomorrow I will post pics, and Admin is setting up a LIVE VIDEO STREAM so we will be able to show you what happens at the Cup in real time, real LIVE. All you hunters that cannot make it to Amsterdam this years will feel like you're part of the game and the action, it's a promise.

Our slogan this year is OCCUPY GREEN HOUSE!

And now let's talk cannabis!



weed entry: HAWAIIAN SNOW
imported hash entry: EXODUS CREAM CHEESE
nederhash entry: HAWAIIAN ICE

We are also entering in the Seed Company Cup (voted only by a small group of Celebrity Judges invited by High Times), with 2 different seed companies: GREEN HOUSE SEED CO. and the new STRAIN HUNTER SEEDS (to be launched in 2012).

For the Seed Company Cup there are 4 categories this year: indica, sativa, hybrid, hash.

Our entries are:

weed indica entry: DIAMOND GIRL
weed sativa entry: HAWAIIAN SNOW
weed hybrid entry: EXODUS CHEESE
hash entry: EXODUS JELLY

weed indica entry: still to be decided, we have few options and 1 day left....
weed sativa entry: PANAMA HAZE
weed hybrid entry: ORANGE SHACK

So, I bet I will get a lot of questions about these new names... but be patient until tomorrow, I will give you all the info when the decisions for Strain Hunter Seeds entries in the Seed Company Cup are confirmed final.

Admin will give you more info on the LIVE VIDEO STREAM soon, and he will run most of the show here on the forum during the days of the event, because I will be too busy with the judges and the vaporizers and the parties...;-) it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it... LOL

To all those who are coming over to Amsterdam, just come to the Green House and let's start smoking guys. No more bullshit, the moment has come... it's CANNABIS CUP!!!!



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Very niceee, too bad i won't have one of those goodie bag :'(

And those strainhunters Seeds names sound awesome!! Can't wait to have more info on that, and seeds to test :D

And glad to see you entered exodus cheese i knew she had to be there!

Best of luck to Ghsc in all the category be careful with your lungs guys ;)

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Thanks Franco... these live threads make life better bro. I have never been to a Cannabis Cup so I really look forward to this thread

That Occupy Green house is just MAD


Franco I would love some of that Pananma Haze.... and a taste of Zaza's Exodus Cream Cheese WOW

I just wanna say... I really like the line

to the Green House and let's start smoking guys. No more bullshit, the moment has come... it's CANNABIS CUP!!!!

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Hi Franco,

I'm a total noob when it comes to the cannabis cup im a dutchman so shame on me.

I love to smoke but i am not a daily smoker.

What would you advice me to do during this cannibus cup should i become a judge?

And what do i need to do if im a judge off course smoke great weed but do i need to test al kinds of weed in the competition or a % .

Or should i just swing by one of the greenhouse shops and enjoy the time.

And do you have any special things happening in the greenhouse coffeeshops during the cup or only at the expo?

Im sorry for my english and the number of questions.

Have a nice one,

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Cant wait to be with all of you guys in Amsterdam on monday, these anouncement made me even more excited: strain hunter seed company that's a news!

I hope we'll learn more about it,then i thought i pretty much had my list of strain i had to smoke (count was around 16 so far) , but i'll have to had a few it seems... ;-) Will the seed house seeeds strain be aivalable at any of the green house coffee shop franco?

Anyway, i'll keep checking out the post and pump myself up untill monday we're i'll see all of you for a wake and bake at the green house seeds coffee shop (let me know which one potent and tokage btw!)

Peace out!

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Good luck to you all, I wish I could be there with you in person but alas this year is a no, I will be there with you in spirit guys so smoke some for me and do let me know what I virtually smoked, lol

Best wishes,


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Awesome Franco! Hopefully some cup winners right there :)

Not long now..... im shaking with anticipation!!!! 2 more days till i'm there!!!!

Elias of course we will Wake n Bake every morning!


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those entries look great, i hope greenhouse wins and im sure you will enjoy this year cup, i cant go to amsterdam until january but i hope there is some of that kind of stuff left in any greenhouse coffeshop.thaks a lotf or keeping us informated, its a great thread and it makes me happy to get live info about the cannabis cup, with out beeing there while im in class i will chwck for updates and tell my friends that also love cannabis but they are not so fascinated an freaky as me lol

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hi Franco

I have been in Amsterdam now for 23 days. I have had a ball; well it has not all been good;

I got too drunk on absinthe(a 70%) and was stoned out of my head, and I had an argument with a bike, and hit the ground hard.

Sydney is different to here, in Sydney you only have to worry about cars, and there the traffic is sane and on the right side of the road.

Here you have to watch for bikes, trams, cars, people and it is all on the wrong side of the road for me; traffic here can be chaotic.

anyhow, I am up and walking round now;

I wish the growers here would flush their plants(too bloody greedy) as the weed has been pumped up with chemicals and burns and tastre like shit!


SLH from Green House

slh from THE blues Bothers

tangerine dream from Barneys

and a few others, but most of the time the plants have not been flushed.

will meet you all soon, no doubt;

I meet Tokage tonight at 22.45pm.

I have some SLH(flushed well)

and some Ak47(pumped right up, and it is strong but full of chemicals as it has not been flushed)

I mean the ash is yet black on some of the pot here.

still it is great to be in country where one does not have to care about buying and smoking pot;

take care,


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Franco the weed and hash look so tasty bro, wish I was there to smoke some whit you!

Jango bro where have you been? I´m not gonna make it this year but 100 % next year! Im very happy to see you here agen on Strain Hunters, I hope you are ok and well. Have fun at the HTCC and smoke a joint of that nice Cream Cheese =)!



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