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I will spark one up for ya Jimmy!!! Yesterday we were in the Greenhouse, but unfortunately we could not get any of those yet! :( As soon as i will, i am making a smokereport! Take care you guys! and Franco, could you pleasepleaseplease bring me a tiny bud of strawberry haze! The shop is out of it, and i've been waiting for so long to smoke that!! Cheers bro!!! Meet you in the lounge gents!!!

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@ Levente Sorry bro, got no Strawberry Haze at the moment. But plenty of tasty stuff for you to try....

Tonight I am busy organizing stuff for the expo... no time to go to the coffeeshop. Will be there tomorrow for breakfast at 9:00 ;-)

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Very glad to see you again mon ami Jango420 !!!!
Enjoy your stay in Ams my friend!!! Smoke one for me!!!

Also, Levente, have fun there bro!!

John can you acess your email account ? I will send you one email if you do check it at this time! Enjoy your stay my dear friend!
We will talk of all of it in Lusitanian land, I hope.

Tokageeeeeeee!!!!!!! Have lots of fun with the GrowHD girls if you can!!!! Lol

Take care

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Good morning hunters!!!

It's 7 am in the Dam, outside dark and cold... but Franco is already busy! ;-)

Will be @ the Green House coffeeshop in Haarlemmerstraat around 9 am (in 2 hours) to have breakfast.

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love that green house cheese, was my favourite when i visited amsterdam, it so sweet, its a incredible smoke, enjoy it franco,also love that delicious green house space cakes, they taste awesome,i wish i can had one for breakfast

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Cheers franco , the menu wasnt full but it gave me some good hint of what to expect next a week , plus i've got tokage as an insider who should tell me what's up!

As jango says i hope the hawaiaan snow wont be reserved for the judge cause i can't wait to put my hand on that baby!

See you next week, i was more use to go to the greenhouse centrum (Mecca to me), but i'll be at 10:am (my train arrive at 9:30 something so i'll better say ten) at the harleemmer straat green house.

Peace out!

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Very nice video, wish i could be behind that bar! Do you Guys offer me a job? Most serious man in the world at work, speaking flully english, little spanish and soon nederlish if i come to work ;)

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