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haha, it's because here i don't get to speak english with people very often as nobody speaks english in my friends ^^ So french accent has come back ;)

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So, today I met Tokage!!! Awesome.... we sat in the Green House and puffed some weed, and had a good chat.

here a vid from this morning, Friday 18 November, around 10:30 am


Tonight I am meeting other hunters!!!!

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I wish with all my heart that one day I can work in that kitchen. Thanks for share with us Franco. Do not forget to put up some macro photos of Hawaiian Snow, and those two hash please. Is cruelly jealous of all that is there =)!

Peace & Love


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and I forgot to mention....

today we presented our entry for the Strain Hunter Seeds indica:

Hunter's Kush

It's a Kush-18 female (DNA Genetics) x Kaia Kush reversed male

so our list of entries now looks like this:

Cannabis Cup, voted by all judges


weed entry: HAWAIIAN SNOW
imported hash entry: EXODUS CREAM CHEESE
nederhash entry: HAWAIIAN ICE

Seed Company Cup (voted only by a small group of Celebrity Judges invited by High Times)

weed indica entry: DIAMOND GIRL
weed sativa entry: HAWAIIAN SNOW
weed hybrid entry: EXODUS CHEESE
hash entry: EXODUS JELLY

weed indica entry: HUNTER'S KUSH
weed sativa entry: PANAMA HAZE
weed hybrid entry: ORANGE SHACK


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Awesome, GH team in action nice :)

Meeting tokage... don't know if i shall be happy or worried for you :P Be careful he is a strange swedish man ;)

Thanks for updating us ;)

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Congrats to the enteries Wishing you the best of luck for both the gh and the sh. Bring lots of huge sticky buds Franco please amaze meeee!!!!!! You must have some gigabuds!!! Please bring one ultrafat whatever it is!!!! The hunter's kush would be the best!! Take care guys and try to have a good rest, so you can smoke a tonn tomorrow!!! See you there gents!!!

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that hunters kush sounds very special, i wish i could try it some day.cant wait to see more... always surpsises me, and that 40 gr of exodus cream chesee really look like chesee must be full of interesting flavours.have nice time all you can go and enjoy it

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Sono stato in quel coffeeshop qualche centinaio di volte ma non avevo mai visto la parte dietro il bancone...sono quelle piccole cose che mi rendono felice!!ahaha

Hunter's Kush sarà una bomba sicuro!!! Kaia Kush già vincitrice qualche anno fa con Bret Bogue giusto??

Grazie per questi continui aggiornamenti, video, foto, sbattimenti, ecc....

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Hey John I agree with you on the flushing but also the drying is done all wrong! Its amazing the crap they sell in most coffeshops! I finnished most of my stash because it was better than the stuff they sell here. See you tomorrow mate.

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Update from Friday 18th, night:

I went to the Green House to find many friends waiting for me, from Italy, Spain, Canada, USA... really cool to see them all again!

We smoked some of the Exodus Cream Cheese in the chilum (strong!!!!) and some Money Maker Jelly (STROOOOONG!!!!!) then we tasted the Panama Haze....

We decided to introduce the Panama Haze in the competition because it's the less "wild" from all the landraces we have in our collection, the one that gives best results indoors.
It's a true minty-fresh sativa, with a strong almond-nutty aftertaste... reminds me of pistacchios. Fine flavor...

Around midnigth we all went our own way (my way was to my bed, I was wasted)!

Today I will be at the Expo building the Green House Seed Co stand, then in the afternoon will go to the Green House again. Tonight most judges will be in town... it's going to be busy!!

Here some shots from last night.... MisterX is not here, so the quality of the pics sucks compared to our Caribbean live thread.... sorry! ;-)












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Nice Franco, and thank you for sharing pictures. Franco can you tell us more about Strain Hunters Seeds? Are really interested in the land races you will sell. And when are you going to start broadcasting with live cam? Have as much fun as possible Franco.


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13:09 Saturday 19 November 2011

I am at the Expo venue, Borchland.

It's a very de-luxe venue for the Cannabis Cup, 10 points to the organization! Never in the history of the Cannabis Cup the Expo had such a stylish, well organized, large floor.

Here some pics from the building....









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Yeah man!! That looks like a nice sound system here!!

Good luck in assembling your stand, if you need help i'm still here :P

Thanks for sharing this franco, definitly hope next year i'll make it

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