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This year I also have another surprise.... Green House Seed Company is proud to present a new cooperation with LitNg, a Canadian company making natural energy boosters. Their 8-hrs Energy drink is perfect for stoners at the Cannabis Cup. It's a herbal organic energy shot, slow release, with no caffeine and no taurine, just natural herbs.

It helps recovering from the downer of over-smoking, and provides a steady but smooth reserve of energy.

I have personally used it occasionally during the last few months and I can guarantee it works great.

We are adding one shot of our energy drink in each Strain Hunter VIP Judge goodie-bag. I am sure it's going to be the secret weapon of many of a judge to keep smoking that extra bong or that extra joint without passing out... LOL

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Lol, GH on every plan! That's the way to do it ;)

Will the energy drink have terpenes in it with different taste? I want a Blueberry drink, an exodus cheese drink please thank you, table 5 :D

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Boy i cant wait to be there and knowing that i might have an opportunity of meeting you franco makes this trip even better, it's a cool thing to see you mingle with the judges even though you must be busy as hell, leading not one but two company for the first time ever!

It's seems like if people wanna have a taste of those Strain hunter weeds they need to get it through you so i'll be passing by the gh lounge 3 times a day to see if you and all the hunters are there...

I dont mind to sound silly but i've prepared a list of different strain i'd like to try out, do you thnk i could ask the guys from the gh coffee to help me figure out the best cause i've got quiet a lot of them... You guys told me that the cannabis industry wasnt that unfriendly so i figure who knows cannabis better the coffee shop scene than you guys, but again might be rude to do such a hting i dont know... I whish gh would sell all those weed i wouldnt have to pass by 10 coffee hahaha

I'll end that post by saying again how amazingly gratefull i am to you franco, sure those pictures arent mister X pics, but they do the job (was tokage in one of those pictures i'm suppose to meet him as well and have no clue what he looks like!). I havent been to amsterdam in 2 years and following this thread put me right back in the vibe and eventhough i wont be going at the expo i know i'm gonna have one of the best time of my life next week!

See you guys on monday!

Peace out!

Ps: @Dust You're gonna have to explain me how a coutryside french men speaks such good english i know why my english i s decent but you'll have to explain me i'm very intrigued!

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Last night was epic.... wait a second.... the Cannabis Cup did not even start yet! Damn....

We had a serious pre-cup session in the Green House, we hosted the first LIVE STREAM from the coffeeshop, and smoked a lot of good stuff.

Meeting Tokage, Potent, John, Alex, Flingling and Marge was awesome, we had a blast! And also many other friends were there (the legend himself Zaza' - the guy who made the Exodus Cream Cheese in Morocco - and also Edu from Barcelona, Nick from Sea of Seeds, Elvis from The Crop King, Dave from Boston, and many Italians that come back to visit me every year around this time ;-)

We went on NON-STOP burning cannabis until closing at 1am. The shop was packed, superbusy, and the crew did an incredibly good job handling everyone fast and smooth. The dealers did not have much time to rest, I can guarantee you. And the coffee machine did not stop, never... ;-)

When I left from the center on my Duc there was a thick fog, which is still here now that I am waking up.
Winter is coming! But we should be lucky, there should be no snow coming in the next few days.

Now I am going to enjoy a coffee and a joint in the quiet of my home before I go to the Green House for breakfast.

That's it.

Today we really begin.

May the best win.

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Franco, I am impressed by your energy! You've trully crushed the myth of the lazy stoner =) Up at 7 AM after such a party!

Personally I'm having my own "cup" with my own strain created from a cross between a GH white widow female and a LR purple jems male! I call it "purple widow" even though I think thats already taken. But anyway... The buds came out with a nice purple hue and the high is just crazy (for me at least), maybe because I always try to grow my crop with a concious mind. Say "bismillah" when you plant the seed (Zaza will explain if u dont get it)! maybe I'll post some pics but my cam is "kharbaan" and can't zoom properly! So you have to take my word.

I'm not into partying myself, although I love the plant, but for other reasons probably closer to the rastas attitude towards it than the western, yet I'm no rasta! If you guys would take the liqour away I might have showed up! Mary Jane suffices! In my opinion the cannabis culture is being blurred up and transformed into a very unstable and untasty hybrid when mixed with alcohol!

Looking forward for those landraces... great initiative!

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I just arrived at the Expo venue. Very foggy outside, and cold. Still very quiet here, exibitors are coming in and opening the stands, the place already smells like a coffeeshop... LOL

I will be streaming LIVE from here @ 14:00 Amsterdam time, and it's gonna go on pretty much all day, on and off, until the opening party tonight.

Starting @ 19:00 THE HOMEGROWN PARTY featuring B.O.B. and special guests, brought to you by Cali Connection, in cooperation with DNA Genetics, Pure Sativa, Attitude Seedbank, Green Place and Cones.

And now, some pics from this morning session at the Green House (sorry for the poor quality, I am a pot grower not a photographer......LOL)































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