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According to representatives for HIGH TIMES magazine, sponsors of the 24th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, the event will continue tonight with a scheduled concert at the Melkweg concert hall (Lijnbaansgracht 234), followed by a full day of the expo (including voting) at the Borchland (Borchlandweg) on Thursday, the final day of the competition. An additional voting station will be set up starting at 2PM on Thursday at the Melkweg, which will remain open until the beginning of the official Cannabis Cup awards ceremony at 8PM.

Organizers say that their interactions with Dutch law enforcement started over a misunderstanding about a permit application filed by the venue to host the event, a situation that lead to a clearing of the expo by law enforcement. The misunderstanding has since been resolved.

No attendees were arrested and attendees are not the targets of the police presence. Police entered the expo to ensure that all vendors were in compliance with tax laws and a 500 gram limit for cannabis that’s enforced in the Netherlands. Only one vendor has been identified as potentially over the limit, and if so, only slightly. Continue to check http://hightimes.com for the latest coverage of this ongoing global ganja event!

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wow so sorry to read this news. how is it legel to just search everyone at such a venue? did they strip search people? what a fucked up situation. let us hope this is not the end of the ht cannabis cup era. please keep us up to date with the news. did they arrest visitors with more then 5 g, or not? also why did they take everything if you are allowed 5g? all seems strange to me. the tax guys seem like pure intimidation. i hope the HT cup organizers will find a way to keep this even going in future.

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i read that Mila was arrested due to having too much trim with her due to be used for a hash making demo, but the misguided police and lawmakers look at trim the same as bud, had she already made hash with the trim it would have been ok, so fucked up logic.

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The combination of firmware were relatively simple: to mount an image of the four video cameras and controllers on the usb used the VH Multi Camera Studio. This is a free soft, but it was withdrawn, so you need some search engines to bury the ftp and other or hotspots.

Image assembled by VH Multi Camera Studio is visible as a video source, so we connected it that way for the Adobe Live Encoder. With the two parallel streams broadcasting - a high quality (audio + video: 768 kbit / s per upstreamie, the second low quality: a + v 256 kbit / s).

As to the more suitable image server to the gateway - must be a powerful machine. For the purposes of streaming station had a dedicated 4-core, the load during concerts (flashing, flashes, irregular lot to rewrite data), there was 90-95%. This is a dangerous frontier - just some soft background wants mix some data and you have a stream of tears. So next year we want to completely resign with the USB video cameras. Generally, after pushing danch requires complicity processor bus, which is not cool with so many sources.

Of course, if only presented on the server side. Need more goals, which will be that separated the stream to multiple users. We have put it himself after a solid knowledge of the node of one of the largest suppliers in Poland. In moments peak controllers on the goal were 70-80 viewers, if I am not mistaken, which translates to 24 Mbit / s data transmitted in the world. When it comes to soft, then used the rtmplite. Along the way we've covered some ridiculous mistakes in python, a cow in Java, but ultimately stop with the golden middle.

When it comes to audio mixing is adobe live encoder allows you to choose your audio source. So you have two options:

* Or mixes the outside comp, plugged cable to the line source and a source in u choose yourself in encoder,
* Or mixing a variety of audio sources for compiling. Here, you will need the appropriate firmware and hardware - you need to bury, we did not have the need to do such things.

Let there be no pink - I do not know whether to blame the firmware, or clogging the bus, but we liked the camera randomly crash. It was rather random behavior, hence the idea to write your own firmware (the one from which we used, do not spit out any information about errors ..). What will come out - I do not know. Money for that software ? Come on .. get us beer:)

If You have any other questions, hit safely.

PM me if u interested and i will contact my friends and pass u whatever info u like admin.

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