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Live from Prague Cannafest 2011

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2Tokage - You are the first who says it =) These photos are laid out for the first time and is unlikely to be shown somewhere else! Yes, it's bare chest painted (body-art)... You can very well bring the photo and look at ... =)

2Jimmy - No, it does not I tried to take the phone number =) It was close, I still all around, everywhere to go ... photographed with all the =) On the first day went with all got to know, smiling, flirting =) It was fun, but nothing serious =) Just fun... ^^

2Potent - Be sure to come! This is a great place, the city, the exhibition, the atmosphere and so on =) Freedom!

2Mopman and all the rest - I am glad that everyone liked =) Thank you for your hospitality! * Extremely happy ...*


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haha you look so tall next to franco :D

Very nice bonus pics too thanks for sharing, don't hesitate to post your videos on forum man ;)

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2Dust - Bro thanks for the support =) You have such a cool avatar is not it possible that there are such trichomes? Just like a real Bohemian garnet ... ha ha ha ha =) I guess it's bliss - the smell, taste ...

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Last girl ^^


Almost a week has passed, and a boost of energy ... my aura is simply radiant =)
I love everything related to Prague! This is my future =)
P.S. Found an excellent, free program for working with video. Spare no effort in learning! I'd like to make you happy =) Make a video, add photos ... make a nice voice acting! I love you all! ^ - ^
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Greetings to all!
My first trip (foreign travel), I very happy for chose cannafest =) I love Prague at first sight - its freedom and beauty! Thanks to this country for such a great event! I'm sure I'll come again!
It was a great event! I am glad that he met with you! You have an amazing product! I took the best mix - Sativa =) Many thanks for theclothes and drive (GROW-DVD) - it's great!!!
Thanks to Franco for the photo!



BONUS =) *Enjoy...


Can I later upload cool video, where they play reggae cool =) Basically, I'm still going to do a photo and video report. We'll have to master the skill of working with video =))
P.S. We had no problems at all with grass! Quickly find a contact with the locals.Acquainted with the bartender and bought for 400 CZK - 2 grams of good (nice) bud =)
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very nice video, as tokage said, mood seemed to be uplifting :)

Thanks for sharing man ;)

And my profile pic is not my personal plant, it is Mr.X Plant have a look on the forum you'll find his posts ;)

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2Tokage - I dance ... =) By the end of the video, we see his right hand in a gray robe which holds the camera and shoots video =) I dance ... easily swayed to the side =) But I was annealed at a local smoke-filled bar and the drunken "Chapeau Rouge" =)) It was super! The energy never left me for a minute!

I guess there are people happy! Beer really tasty, especially when drunk =)

2Dust - Thank you, look for later =) Appeared unique experience =) Now I know exactly what to take for the next year with a ... buy second highest camera that would shoot non-stop =) Although the footage and so many! A few days passed, and not all pictures look, and briefly flicked through video =) Of course a lot of videos and photos of Prague.

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I would like to ext - all the time fun with lucky ticket prices =) Went to the exhibition, local at once offered to buy one e-ticket for 3 days at 200 or 250 CZK (can not remember), though it was worth 350 =)
Went to the zoo, the woman at the entrance offered a ticket for 80 CZK instead 150 =) It's all karma Brothers! Maybe because I can see a mile away, as a lamppost =)))))) And always there was one ticket, trying to scrounge for friends no longer available =) Pure Exclusive =))))
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2StrainHunters Admin -"??????" =) Is that you on the fifth picture? ***Fixed later - no, I was wrong =)) And there are similarities***
Cool dance =) His first video report - is dedicated to the soul of the green house seeds =)
Of course, before showing the video will send the administration - for the approval =)
A couple of hours to download a small video snippet =) I think it is you =)
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Hello Franco.

At first, compliment for the nice work that you are doing....

For second, never able to talk to you, i am sending a private message for ask to you some importantr questions.

Hello and thank'u so much, Simone.

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I probably can not explain what was happening to me! My Karma just radioactive ... She radiates such positive =))))))))
Oh well ... I'm not about =))))))))
Found a way, energetically promoting your video "StrainHunters" on "youtube", I just always listen ... -my favorite track =))))))))))))))))))))) There yet? Share?
Was not in Jamaica ... but in this video, for the words I associate with Prague =)))
I can not linger here long ... girls stick -like bees to honey =))))
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