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• WHITE WIDOW • WONDER PIE • spring/summer 2022

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Welcoming in the spring & summer season with two kick ass cultivars 🤩🌻☮️💚

We have decided to germinate under this months full moon 🌕

This March Moon is called 

🪱The WORM Moon 🪱

Im sure there's a few living soil buffs out there who will love this one!! 😄

Lets get prepared under this so aptly earthy wiggly wormie full moon for the summer to come, germinate seeds, buffer our coco, make sure all our tools are in check, if your like me have a good hoover & sterilise to the best of my ability and be ready for new crops 💚

Grateful & Blessed 🙏🏼🇳🇱🇬🇧





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On 3/11/2022 at 9:02 PM, Djiny said:

Old school white widdow. Nice choice mate. 

Cheers bro

I have never heard anything bad about this one, real medicine, the base of many Hybrids we love today

I feel like it's a growers right of passage to run this one at least once right?! 

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I had some awesome news last week & I got accepted onto the Spider Farmer sponsorship programme! 
They sent me out the SF1000 to try for a full cycle, around 4 months.

Ive chosen the Wonder Pie & White Widow to grow under this LED from start to finish to see how well we do 😁👌🏼

if your on Instagram I'd love to see you over there @motherpearlgenetic is my insta name, where all things grow related are uploaded there on a daily basis, I have a really cool giveaway planned for next month so if your in the UK it might be worth giving me a follow to see if you might win some prizes from yours truly ☮️💚








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Things are pretty awesome in the veg tent 
The new LED is living upto & exceeding expectation. 
Growth is fast but the dry back is steady.

Im having an issue with 1 of the wonder pies, she looks like she's suffering heat stress but as you can see the 2nd Wonder pie & White Widow look great?! 
In my experience there's always one who likes to act up so we will give her some special attention over the next 2 weeks & she should be right as reign or rain??

Im no good at these sayings and shite! 🤣 call them blonde moments, my loved ones do 😉






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