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OK, first off.

This is not a BE ALL TO END ALL cloning guide.

This is what works for me. I've gone thru countless guides absorbed them.


If anything use this guide as a baseline and watch your cuttings.

First off I've soaked my rock wool plugs.

in this case 24 hours ( I give it 1/8 strenght http://www.1-hydroponics.co.uk/web/manual/doc/hydro-garden/dry-flower-products/green-up-solution/index.html )

I squeeze the rock wool make sure its not water logged, in all reality you only need to soak it for a few hours until all plugs are uniform in texture and density but i want the wool to hold as much water as it can becasu i don't "water" my clones until Day 6 or 7 depending on outside humidity and temp

Ok first picture, Get your Shit prepaired before you do anything.



I prefer to Use rooting Gel, as i find it give an even coat to the rooting horemones.

Powder works as well, makesure its #2 or the semi hard wood option.. I find it jsut doesn't coat the cutting evenly. more on this later.

NEXT: Find your Victim...


as a general rule, my clones from tip to rooting tip are about 4 inchs or so. the width of my hand.

NEXT: Always Take a little more then you need. gives you a LITTTLE more time. more on this at the end how long this process should take you.


Nice big cutting there.

NEXT: trim of the filler.. so to speak anyway... reason for this in the next step.


Now you need to IDEALLY select a pair of internodes. (one internode on one side will be ok, just a two sided internode will root faster and grow slightly more vigorisly, something to note when selecting the cuttings

NEXT: My choosen Internode Pair.


thats two internodes in less that 3/4 of an inch. perfect. xD

NEXT: give the stem a sharp cut opposite the bottome internode.


this gives the roots ALOT of area to work with, they will root out both internodes and the sharp cut you just made.

Now QUICKLY this next part is fairly important, you want clean hands aside from what plant mater is shaved off.

NEXT: shave the stem slightly (more like gently scrap with your razor blade) between the two root internodes.

20110212031751.jpgdo this all the way around the stem without breakign off the internodes. very easy to do the stem will be very weak at this point.

NEXT: going for a DIP...


Make sure both Internodes are submerged slightly for a sec, i left it there so i could document, I ain't budda boys ;)

NEXT: even coverage.


NEXT: not moving my thumb i place the clipping into the rock wool that is soft. the stem should be stiff enough not to bend.


there ya go, the hard part is done, ALL THIS up until now from PREPARING your stuff should take about 45-60 seconds. EACH CLIPPING.

you want to avoid as much air contact with the rooting cut tip as possiable to prevent air bubbles ( air bubbles in clones = stunted or dead plantss)

Before the Hair cut...


And the Hair cut..... few pics in a row... Will explain why after.


OK there are a few reason why I trim the leaves.

#1, Reduce risk of mildew (cloens get 100% humidity for a few days..)

#2, They root faster with them clipped.

-----the reason being is your tricking the plant into repairing its self rather then growing.

-----and the plants first step to repair is to grow more roots. xD

#3, FOOD, if they are damaged they are not gunna grow just yet, if they are not gunna grow the nuitrients IN THE LEAVES

themselfs will feed the clone almost until rooted out of the start cube (like nuit feed not water feed)

#4, based on #2 they won't start showing new growth until they have started to root.

----- so if you see the new fans forming and growing but no roots poppin out give the plug a good misting and it shoudl pop out

very very soon.


now this is were it gets cool..

For the first 4-6 days of the clones life it should be in NEAR 100% humidity and very temperate temperatures

so a low watt heating pad under the uncubator dome. set to low only raise if rock wool is cool to touch

shoudl be about room temp if not slightly higher

The first day in the dome the clones get misted about 4 times. and then recovered and back under the 18/6 light.

day two i'll mist them twice , day three i'll mist them once and i will continue this once a day misting of the clones until rooting and

will mist plugs if need be

after the first day take the cover off for about 20-30 mins until the clones start to sag...

put the cover back on and do it again the next day, by the time the 3 or 4th day comes aroud the clones shouldn't sag

or wilt with the dome off.. this is when you keep the dome off, when the vast majority don't sag at all after an hour or so

so once its out of its humidity zone i give it a day or so to air out a little ( NOT COMPLETELY ) and then they will be feed with

AT MOST 1/4 strenght nuits I suggest an 1/8 to start.

and the rest will be based on your strain.

when roots start to come out the bottom and the sides of the plug its time to slam it in some soil or in hte next size wool.

I use normal settle tap water unPH'd for my clones.

I find Phing doesn't make a diffrence for them.

you shouldn't really expect to see a really rooted out clone until about 10-12 days some will be there soooner

but don't expect it, don't inspect it often either, roots HATE Light.

If i forgot anything I will edit later, but my bong is calling :D

Enjoy Tokeage!


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Epic post man a lot o people will find this helpful. Best clone guide iv read in a while and just in time for me, il be putting this guide to practice later :)

Thanks for sharing dude


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Thanks guys, i appreciate the feed back.

I will be updateing the thread tomorrow when i Take 4 mother clones from my sour diesel

forgot to soak my 3 inch rockwool i'm using with the plug to have a big base start for my new mothers.

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for sure it will be usefull to someone ;)

Thanks for sharing man

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I've got mom's growing and that thing will help me tremendously!

You did a great job mapple organizing a lot of info in one post props to you man! One of the clearest tutorial on cloning i've read ( longer than the how to clone in 100 words, but those extra words are much appreciated so are the pics!).

Peace out!

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i teel peeps that all the time toke...its just a weed

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check this out tokage....im just bored....ive done bfore ..floating upright

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those pictures were taken about an Hour after Clipping.

somethings i forgot to STRESS!!!

I am Using heating Pad - it is set low but it is in use, and the use is appreciated by the clippings.

I am using a humidity Dome - This is almost essential for good cloning, you CAN clone with out some sort of humidity seal but unless your JAH's virgin offspring don't expect a great results

and one of the most important things i forgot to mention. THIS METHOD WORK IN SOIL AND SOIL LESS AND OTHER MEDIUMS!!!!

only thing that changes is when to water and how much to spray.

Soil and soilless medium retain water better then rockwool as rock wool was design for a better air to water ratio then soil or soilless medium.


Natas' post is a nice comparison of the very similar method just in a LOW HUMIDITY area, unbeknownest to him he actually help out the big picture ALOT.

Prop Bro.

I Come from an area that has VERY high humidiy this time of year 80%-90% with snow. its nice to have a contrast of an area with SIGNIFICATLY lower humidity

In my minds the faster the clones can get used to the humidity levels under your HID lights the better

and close to the lights is allways lower then at the door of the room I have a slightly lenghtened clone timeline compair to him do to the fact that more of nature is actually working WITh him to get the plants going faster (and by faster i mean like 3-7 days faster not really that significant but worth mentioning.)

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Well Looks like i'm going to be doing alot of EXPANDING on this guide.

I occured to me that my clone area is fairly close to my grow area, thru being able to do each clone one by one.

A good way to keep the clipping in good shape while you clip more is to submerge the end that you cut into water.

plain room temp tap water works, I prefer carbonated (bubbly) mineral water without favorings....this is important you don't want your cuttings covered in sugar water.

you can trim them down and add your sharp cut before the water or straight from the plant into the water either works good.

if you are new to this I would suggest limiting the amount of clippings you take at a time to about 10 (this means get 10 clippings in the glass then go deal with them and come back and get mroe if you need more) once your more experianced with the method feel free to overstuff your glass to your hearts content but know the limits of the plants andthe tools you have to work with.

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Ok day three, theya re sitting with the dome off now. I've had to scrifice one sour diesel clone *shakes fist* damn spidermite got rid of it fast so i think i've got it contained no sight of the fucker for about a day

anyway if they don't wilt they are gunna get rewarded with a dunking in some water, and then more will be taken and more pictures will be taken :D

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too bad about the spiders, hope they haven't got on other plants ;)

Have a good grow man

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Started my own armies of half rhinos half trainwreck, with the help of the clone box it should be a 100%

I'll update you guys, thanks again for that awesome "how to"!

Peace out!

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that would be my very un happy ice dream under the T5 as well..

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and for those that couldn't count that fast, 33 clones out from under the dome after 4 days.

6 still under the dome don't look so good but they might bounce back and be good tomorrow.

when picking which clones to move out of the dome i emply a simple test.

after a few days of following my instructions leave the dome off for over an hour

I pick the plug up and i give the top of the clone a flick, if i can feel the vibration in the plug it passes

and no longer need the dome if i don't feel the vibrations it gets another day. or how everlong. they need.

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my 1 origanal (clone only...not fake ass seeds they sellin) Grand Daddy Purp clone i scored reooted yesterday...gave me the motivation to buiuld new mother room

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So, i was kinda hoping one of the clones would get sick so i could document that care aspect ...BUT they all seam to be pretty strong but the one i used for demonstration pourposes

(time between cutting and placing in rock wool is about 3-5 mins for that one. apposed to the 30-45 seconds i normally do.)

One of the weaker clones graduated almost 30 mins after dome came off, so there are 5 in this picture...

the one on the left that jsut can't get it up would be the basterdized clone that was massicared for this guide :D


The dome has been off for a few hours at this point... the limp one is destend for the trash can... or sixstringers bunny..... where is that fellow anyone seen him


anyway family picture to come in the next 24 hours i will be taking another set of cuttings and doing them along side this run.

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my mini clone army

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my mini clone army

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