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So ive started another White Lemon pheno selection as ive tested it before which lead to wonderfull results but a early harvest. This time i selected two wonderful phenotypes. The first one is topped one week in the flowering period (as this is my prefered way of topping) and the smell is the hazy one (the ones of you that have grown WL know the smell). The second plant is not topped and the smell is very close to Bubba Kush what surprised me very this time. Wonderful.

The end potsize is 5,4 liters, so expect not the biggest plants.
The day of planting to soil was on 04.09.2011 and i started in soil with 0.6 liter.
The transplant from 0,6 liter to 5,4 liter was at the 09.10.2010 and the plants height was already at 15 to 20 cm.
The first pics ive got are from the 16.10.2011 and show the plants 7 days after the transplant. Sorry that ive got no more pics from the germination because ive not thought to post another WL test. But the results are amazing, so i have to.
The complete time of veg was exactly 25 days.

As light in the veg period i used a Metal Halide with 250 Watt.
In the flowering period iam using a 400 Watt HPS with a Sylvana bulb with 25% blue and 75% red light.

As grow medium iam using Canna PRO soil and it was reused from an older grow and cleaned from old roots.
As nutrients in veg i used a cheap darkgreen colored BIO nutrient solution with NPK 3/1.7/5.0. I used the BIO nutes because of the NPK.

The PH during the veg period was almost at level 6.0 to 6.5.
In the veg period i start with an ec of 1.0 and will not go over an ec of 1.2.

The nutrients for the flowering period is chemical based and also a no name product.
The NPK is 7/5/6 (i think it is not possible to go over 1.4 ec with this solution) and the
PH during flowering period is 6.5 to 6.7.

Edit: Probably the veg times don't match exactly. On the first pictures i used estimated values and it was hard to say in which age the plants are.

The first pics show both plants in the veg period:
This plant is the more hazy one and was topped in flowering period. The pic shows the plant 3 Weeks
after transplanting to 5,4 liters.Generally ive got better results with the topping technic on other strains
but the lemon dont likes it.

This is the Bubba Kush like. So amazing... you could believe me. The pic shows the plant 3 Weeks
after transplanting to 5,4 liters.




Both pictures show the not topped pheno. On the left side you see one leaf of the hazy phenotype.

Top right the not topped and in front the topped one.
(Sorry for the little wired pics but this are last from flowering section.




First three pics showed the not topped.



Last three the topped pheno type. As you can really see your self now, the one that is toped
has not the biggest buds. But now shes coming more and more. So lets see hows the next results are.




This is a wonderful pheno type and it is worth to be saved after the grow.
Hopefully i'll not loose any of that perfect genes.


The topped variant. Not so dense buds on the 11-29-2011 but a awesome haze like smell.

The next pics have been shot a day later but with better light and are worth to be shown here.





This looks soooo awesome and the smell is so hazy.








Thats it for now. More pics to come soon. Peace

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beutiful cant wait till this is out so i can get my hands on some

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Amazing Markus! The plant is looking very good. I wish you a happy harvest ;)!



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Thank you for all your compliments i appreciate that very. It is truely a strain bomb and has many good pheno types. A must for a release!

@tokage: As ive got not much money for me to live i cannot buy special additives and iam using as above described the cheapest stuff that may have good or best results. Think iam a little grow bum ^^ :) or Scotsmen.


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Real beauty those plants, keep the pics coming; you're taking good care of them that's for sure!

Peace out!

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Nice one, Markus.

White Lemon is one more wonderful strain by Green House, gotta love it ;)

Take care

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Hello all, today i've got an update for the White Lemons.

Flowering period day: 36/[56-63]


WL topped.

WL topped.

WL topped.

WL topped (macro shot).

WL not topped.

WL not topped.

That'S it folks.

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looking great and healthy markus nice work on your pheno selection ;)

Have a good end of flowering

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Great work Markus ... Buds look very nice & plants very healthy, keep them growing !!!! yes

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Great work Markus ... Buds look very nice & plants very healthy, keep them growing !!!! yes

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Hey, thank you hunters. Hope i could share my feelings with you all.

So i take some new bud shots of the WHITE LEMONS, 8 to 14 days before the harvest.

My feeding for the last days is just tap water with (240 PPM Truncheon/ 0.4 ec) as it gives the plant the chance to use the energy from the leafs.
The max feeding in this grow was 900PPM Truncheon, which is an ec of 1.3. As above described, the nutrients have a high NPK, so the 900 PPM is the ultimo i can go with the White Lemons. For instance on my Big Bang the 900PPM was already too much, so i was bit on the lucky side that the plants not burned.

Here are the new pics before i remove all leafs from them in the final phase.






























And a last one, with a macro shot from the same plant.



That'S it folks. Hope you'll anjoy.

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man those white lemons are looking more than lovely!!

The more i see this plant the more i wanna grow her :D

Have a good soon harvest man ;)

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Thank you for your comments i see you enjoy like i do. And a big YES for WL, it is a great strain.

@tokage: Generally in my 5,4 liter pots i expect arround 25 to 40 grams dry max. This one will keep the 30th i think. The topped one will have the 20th but all are of top quality. With this small potsize you will need more plants. Ive got 15 to max 17 in flower all the time.

share peace...

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Close to harvest now. Just 7 to 10 days and i can harvest them. Many trichrome crystals are already amber on the hazy pheno type. The not topped lemon has milky trichrome crystals now and could grow even a week longer i bet.

Here are the latest pics i took today.


Not topped variant under HPS light.

And here we go, this babe is almost done. Many trichromes are amber already. The bud structure is a little fluffy.





And the next plant...







Here you see on the top left: a fine hair. This is something you not wanna have in your weed. But it is hard to get rid of it, if you have pets.


And some more crystals.

That are the latest pics of the White Lemons, very close to harvest. But today i've got a little bonus.
There are more WL in my flower area, so thought i show some pics of them too.

The smell of it, is like haze in this pheno type.



Plant 4 smells like White Widow.



But now i need to come to an end or my upload space is full soon ;).

Peace fellows

Edit: On imageshack you'll find some of the above pics in full size.
Also some more of my crop. So hope you'll like them.

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looking very tasty man!!

have a good harvest ;)

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fantastic work Markus ... lovely girls all of them, keep them growing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laugh

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Thank you family. Wish you could smell those now. It is so wonderful to be in the flowering room now, that i get my ass up from my chair so often to smell those stuff and see it growing.

I gave to them just water since 1 1/2 week and keep my eyes on the trichrome crystals to get amber. Some of them, mostly the old growth are turning now from milky to amber. But those new grown trichromes are clear, so it is a little tricky for me now to catch the right harvest times, as i want to harvest them both on one day. But from now on it should be max. 7 to 2 days.

Next update is coming soon with the harvest...

@tokage: Almost forget to answer you, it resizes automatic to my prefered size, so nah my space not runs out in the next years. But if i would upload pics every day in this ammount, it will be in a year. So this is my space now:

455 files using 34.91 MB of 250 MB

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Plant one, the not topped pheno type was harvested in the late evening hours as the pot was even dry and very light. So perfect to cut her the top buds and add her to re- vegetative growth from today on.

I documented the harvest in pictures. The results was a new record for me in this small pots of 5,4 liters.


Total flowering time: 54 days
Yield total wet, not trimmed: 110 gram
Yield total wet, trimmed: 90 gram
Top cola length: 30 cm
Plant total height: 80 to 90 cm
Trichrome crystals: milky to already amber on older grown bud parts


Before harvest











Plant part to revert



Trimming pictures


Underside bud

Total: 90 grams





That'S plant number one. I decided to harvest the second plant tommorow, to have a good supply of new weed for the christmas days and over the next year. I just expect half of the yield like today, but the weeeeed rocks.


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Great hugs Markus ... they look very good & yield that out of WL in L pots shows a great work !!!! Good luck on the revege !!!indecision

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Hey thank you my friends. Lets hope she is able to reveg in such a small pot without having stressed her too much. Also the foiliage is very rare. But now she survived the first hours. The pot was dry and i gave her 100ml water with 700PPM nutrients, that will be enough for the reveg and can bring her thru. I pray to god, i want have that genes in my garden :).Whatever time it cost i want have that compact buds.

The smell from this phenotype is a mix out of: White Widow or Bubble Gum, a small essence lemon and the haze rounds it up i think. I'am amazed about how many fantastic phenotypes those White Lemon has. Every plant is a surprise in it's own.

Yes, tokage: i will make photos and collect them over a time and do a report, how i've done the revert to new vegetative growth. I will start the report as soon i can see new growth. Also i will note how often i water and the times of light i gave her. I'll start at 24hrs of light and i want go down to 18 in some weeks.


If the metal halide goes offline, this added light will light for the last 6hrs.

And here you see, the metal halides are offline and this cfl concentrates on the reverting plant.

cheeky ... god bless!

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Markus that emoticones is great post it in admins post for emoticones ;)

And those ladys mmmmm, so frosty i bet you love the smoke already :) Hope that the reveg will do fine, if i remember right John had made a post on revegging withi his church, or AH don't know.

But i'm sure they'll go just fine ;)

have a great smoke and harvest

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