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Elektroski Justovski

Higher penalty for possession or trafficking in drugs

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Poland 09/12/2011

- Possession of drugs is still a crime. Here, nothing has changed. Not only that, if the holder is carrying or trading large quantities of drugs, threatens him with a punishment greater than ever - says Slawomir Mielniczuk, spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Kielce.

On Friday, came into force amendments to the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction, which says that if you have stopped by a negligible quantity of drugs, the prosecutor may waive prosecution of the holder. However, the Act does not specify how many grams of the prohibited means you can carry with them not to fear the consequences.

- According to the amendment provisions of the Act on counteracting drug addiction, still even the smallest amount of drug remains illegal. For possession of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances is punishable by up to 3 years imprisonment, in the case of lesser importance to the year - says Kamil Tokarski commissioner of the police press office of Holy Cross.
General speaking, the police have a question, even small amounts of drugs will still be treated as a crime. That prosecutor will take a decision on whether to institute the case, or redeem immediately.

Prosecutor Slawomir Mielniczuk comments:
- The legislature reaches out to those who have possession of small quantities of drugs is not a great social harm. Penalty while those who trade or possess large quantities of drugs. Each of the cases which occur the police will be treated individually and that the prosecutors after hearing, the material will decide whether to direct the case to court, or to write off the stage. However, it is clear that the amendment to the Act does not allow the unpunished possession of drugs. It is still a crime - said the prosecutor.

Under the amendment in force since Friday also raised the maximum penalty for possession and trafficking in significant amounts of drugs. The first penalty was up to now 8 years, now it is 10 For the second maximum penalty increased from 10 to 12 years in prison.

Wpisz tekst lub adres witryny albo przet?umacz dokument.

T?umaczenie (polski > angielski)

Amendments to the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction makes the prosecutors will have their hands full, and the cops will still retain the holders. So please don't whine u got hard where u live...
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I can understan you elektro, here in italy you can get from 6 to 20 years for a large possesion ( and for " large " they mean over a couple of grams )

and this applies to pot too,

but if you trade weapons you get only 3 years of jail, or if you commit a rape you get to 5 from 10 years of jail, and i can go on with the list but you get the point...

there's something wrong here....

Mr. B

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