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I introduces myself. I'm Myles and 75 years old.

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Been smoking weed since the late sixties. I'm now doing autos exclusively since I can turn them over in my garage every 10-12 weeks.   I'm giving up chasing the bugs and caterpillars outside here in San Diego in the fall.  I can't win that battle outdoors so giving up.  I run about three or four auto strains at a time in the garage and even so end up giving a lot of it away so the autos make a lot of pot..  And I don't have to race to harvest before the caterpillars kill the buds.  On a side note: I've discovered that if you run a photoperiod lady for 18-6 hours under the lights until it's a couple feet high and then take it outside it will begin to flower within 2 weeks so I can harvest in December, February or any time of the year.  Not too many bugs around then.. Is that enough?

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