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Dust - Ice Dream and Co - 22/12/2011

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SO!! Here we go guys for the New grow test report.

I've put into soaking last week,

Gh Strain :

-4 Ice Dream For Gh Test section

-1 Moby Dick

-1 Exodus Cheese

-1 Kalashnikova

Other :

-1 Vanilla Kush (Barney's)

The Grow material is as follow,

1 Silverbox evo 104x104x200
1 Ballast Platine Philips 400W
1 CoolTube© V2 125mm x 320mm + home made "adjust a wing" kind of
1 bulb Sun Master 400w MH
1 bulb Philips 400 W GREEN POWER for the End of the flowering
1 Ruck Extractor RK 125mm 350m3/h 4 speed level
1 Intractor 150mm 300m3/h
1 Cfl 200w red spectrum

I'm using for this grow a new soil, it is Bio Terra Plus from Bio Canna, i hope it will do fine, there are risk of soil fly with this soil, so i've already placed some yellow glue thing in the tent just in case. I hope they will forget about me mail haha

The nutes used are all Biobizz , exept for the Green Sensation from Plagron.

There is, BioGrow, BioBloom, BioHeaven, Algamic, and RootJuice. I'm planning on going on Biocanna fert as soon as this one are over.


So Girls have been put into soaking in mineral water with 1ml/L of Nitrozyme in it, the 17/12/11 for a little more than 24h.

After soaking, the 19/12/11, Exodus Bean had already opened in the water very vigorous strain!! Other were on the way to open. So after i took them off the water i put them in the Root riot cube in a plate with very little of mineral water with 1ml/L of Nitrozyme.

The 21/12/11 I've put the root riot into the soil and pots, the exodus already has a root pushing from the cube 2cm, still as vigorous as beforecheeky The day after, the 22/12/11 , the light turned ON for the first time for this babies, exodus was already showing her head.

This time i need a really quick session so that's why i've put 8 girls in smaller pots, the light are programmed on 12/12 from seed, i've never did this so it will be a first try ^^ i expect small plants, with almost one bud, but that will be enough and i will do my best to make that bud as big as possible hehe ;)

So i count Day 1 from the day that all the girls had push threw the soil, meaning the 24/12/11 , so today is DAY 3 all the girls are doing great.

The kalash is not a Three leaved this time, but neither a Two leaved lol! it's a Two and a Half, one of the two leave is divided in two, i'll see how the next leaves will develop.

Ice Dream seems to be doing Good, the Have germinated pretty fast, right after the exodus, seedling seem healthy so far ;)

I' have nopics to show you, i had taken some but forgot to transfer them on my comp from friend's camera lol. So as soon as i can i post a video or pics. But i'm cominnnnggg cool

See ya soon hunters, Bienvenue to My new world hihi


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haha stoner, 600w as previously, the list above is only listing the material i will use ;)

Thanks Man for following ;)

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Good info Dust. I wish you good luck on this growth =) and it´s gonna be nice to follow you as well!



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Thanks a lot Jimmy ;)

So today is DAY 4

The T° is 24° for a 50 60%HR working on getting it higher

Girls are doing great so far, kalash as a leaf curled a little, but as it as little genteic mistake on first set of leave i don't worry for the moment ^^

Here are some pics of the girls

The classic group photo,


And individual

Exodus first, sorry for the qulaity too much light for the crapy camera ^^


The Kalashnikova and her 2 1/2 leaves ^^


The moby, she looks really nice!


The vanilla kush


And the 4 ice dream, so far they look the same, no noticeable ppheno difference to notice,maybe onea little longer leavesthat's all.





that's it for the babies!

Here a litlle pic of one of my christmas present, a portable glass vaporizer, very fun to smoke nice taste :) and looking pretty in her velour box :D


That's it for today hunters haver a good day


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Hi guys, today is DAY 10

The T° is 23° for a 50% HR



The girls are doing great so far, the humidity is a little low, but it's winter heaters are on so air is dryer, can't afford a 3head brumizer yet so they'll do with it they have always done ^^

So second level of leaves are appearing nicely, more on exodus as she is few days older. The Ice Dream are starting to have some differences, it will be clearer in a few days, but all in all everything is ok ;)

So here are some pics from DAY 8 now leaves are much bigger ;)

The Classic group photo, sorry for the brightness, too much light for camera ^^


The Exodus


The Kalash


Moby Dick, looking so cute like a puppy


The Vanilla Kush


And The 4 Ice Dreams





That's it for today fellows ;)

I'll do a little video in the week as i still don't have my own camera fixed ^^

See ya soon


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Thanks man doing my best, I'll Try to think about measurment on this one, i always forget ^^

Keeping a Bed for you man, stay around hihi

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Hi guys today is DAY 12

The T°is 23 to 24° for a 55%HR



So today the girls have been watered with :

For 2 liters of Water :

-1ml/L of Nitrozyme

-2ml/L of Root Juice

-2ml/L of Alg A Mic

All This at a PH 6,4 for a 0,6 EC

So beside that everything is doing nice, new leaves set are appearing so now growth should boost a little, the cold around doesn't help a lot but i try to keep them as warm as possible. Exodus is always the bigger, But some Ice Dream are close behind, one of them looks very vigorous i'll see later :)

So i have so pics, sorry they are very bad quality, but it will make you wait for the beautiful ones ^^

Classic group photo ;)


The Exodus


The Kalash


The MobyDick


The Vanilla Kush


And The 4 Ice Dream in Same order as usual, later i'll name them.

This one is the "weakest"


This one looks pretty much like the first


This ones looks like she will have BIG indica leaves, colors look strange on pic but she is normal in real ;)


And this one is the biggest


That's it for today hunters.


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hihi i'll have a puff for ya when harvested, but i still have time lol ^^

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Great test Dust!

I love growing seedlings directly on 12/12, they stay sturdy and the whole energy of the young metabolics go directly into the flowers, there is a magic to that...

your diary is clear, neat and extensive. Very well done, great thread.

Thank you and enjoy!

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Thanks for passing by man, good this info on 12/12 conforts me a little on my choice :)

Come by anytime you want ;)

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Well yet i don't know because it's my first 12/12, but the reason i did it was because i needed a quick session, my logical guess is that plant will be a little shorter than usual that's why i've putted 8, to catch up on yeild a little. And according to franco hopefully they'll have a more vigorous flowering phase as they'll still have their " youngness" strength.

Thanks for coming Simon have a good day

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Hi guys so today is DAY 17

The T° is 23 24° for a 50 55% HR


Girls are doing great 3rd and 4th stage of leaf are coming out, now veg has boost a little, now that the seedling phase is "behind" them.

Right after this update i'm gonna water them with Bioheaven Algamic and a very little biogrow 1ml probably, that should give about 1.0 EC, but i'll keep you aware in next update ;)

So here is a small video of the girls at DAY 14, since that video the girls have grown nicely, i'll try to do a new one tonight or tomorrow.

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Hi stoners Today is DAY 18

The T° is 23 24° for a 50 55% hydro still.


So yesterday I watered the girls with 4dl per plants, a PH of 6,4 for a 1,3 EC

The water contained:

3ml/L of Bioheaven

2ml/L of Algamic

1ml/L of Biogrow

They seemed to liked it ^^

Everything is going well so far, i have a few freaking Soil flies in my tent, they came in, in the soil, risk of organics soil i guess ^^ But still annoying but it's ok there are not many yet. And i vaporized the plants with some products to protect and feed leaves.

So here is a small video of today.

This Will be my last update until next Saturday or Sunday, i won't be home, but will be around on forum from time to time.

Enjoy guys ;)

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can't rememberit was like more than a Year i bought it, but not much ^^less than 50e i think

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