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Bruce Banner #3 - Harvest at 75 Days 12/12 - 30 grams/plant

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Bruce Banner #3 - Original Sensible Seeds.

This plant has a very sweet fruity flavour and unique effect for the first time trying.
The fruity flavour is quite exotic, most smoking BB#3 for first time will find the smoke interesting and enjoyable.

After a year of supplying medical users with BB#3.
Smokers complain they are smoking it constantly and no longer get any effect.

I also enjoyed BB#3 on the first try, and also find it is a novelty smoke.
My preferred smoke is Gorilla, but as mentioned, my strain is difficult to take cuttings from.

This is a single Bruce Banner #3 plant trellised to light mesh.
45 Days of 12/12


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To Finish the Grow: I did not have Camera or feel like taking Photos of Bruce Banner flowers.
As you seen, the Gorilla on opposite side Trelis produced 60 Grams of Quality Heads.

The Bruce Banner appears to have a heavier crop, but total quality heads was only 30 grams.
There is nothing wrong with Quality for cool growing periods, but there is no quantity.

Half the crop of Gorilla.

I am sure that Original Sensible Seeds have better cropping seeds in Bruce Banner #3.
Unfortunately I can no longer afford to grow the strain, was not a good deal from start.

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