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Gorilla (Dinafem) - Harvest at 56 Days 12/12 - 60 grams/plant

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Gorilla – Dinafem

This plant has an oily diesel flavour and a good lasting high.
Although tolerance to effect builds with extended use, the high remains effective and enjoyable.
This particular plant leans towards Sativa in leaf shape but finishes faster than Bruce Banner #3.

Cuttings are very difficult, even with optimum conditions.
At lower temperatures they fail to take for extended period and grow slowly.
At higher temperatures they take a little faster with a lot of failures.

This is a single Dinafem Gorilla plant trellised to light mesh.
45 Days of 12/12




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Gorilla – Dinafem 54 Days of 12/12 - Updated 13 June

Normally I hang plant upside down intact with all leaves until the surface of plant is dry, before manicuring heads and finish drying on mesh.

This Time I am doing things differently, by removing all leaves while the plant is alive.

Note: I would only advise to fold back leaves, where there is a clear reason to do so.

Removing all leaves is going to stress the plant by one thousand cuts.
Almost all fruit had full light because the plant was trellised and some leaves were folded back.  

The purpose here was to see crop and remove unfinished flowers to smoke.
I can report being quite happy.


Flowering Nutrient: Flora Mx1.3 - Gx0.7 – Bx3
If you have followed my HomeGrown Nutrient Profiles, KoolBloom is included.
Note: I have never had GH KoolBloom to try, money has limited affordability so far.


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