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VINE - My Strongest Plant

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VINE (ChemOG Pakistani Valley backcross)

Vine is the result of odd circumstance.
I grew a handful of ChemOG hybrids to choose female for backcross.
I choose the best short bushy plant when seedlings were about 12 inches high.

What I choose as a female grew like crazy into a large Male.
So the Hybrid male was used to pollinate it's reverted mother.


The seed from this cross has extreme variation, the smaller light statured plants being most potent.

This plant is very harsh, and also very potent.
Between the harsh bite and stone it is both testing and enjoyable.
I could not smoke a full strait pipe, but kept trying.

The small yield did not have time to cure which could make a lot of difference.
“VINE” plant shown here was reversed, because it is so strong.
Throughout seedling stage, the leaves smell like heads, and get you stoned.


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Introducing my hybrid mongrel “LOG”.

This plant is a Sister/Brother of “Vine” from the Divine Family.  (LOL).

Shows the extremes in strain variations.
LOG, the leaves are thick and do not lose much size in drying.
A medium size leaf dried is enough for single paper joint.
Looks like it might be more like an oil variant.

Very strong growth.
Built like a brick.
Grows well in Coco,
Efficient in nutrient uptake.
No calcium or magnesium deficiency.


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Mongrel LOG

I have found another similar plant, but not sure that this variant has any value ATM.
It is an interesting variant, but the leaf mass is self destructive in our hot environment.

I have had to cut leaves out to allow more air flow and space.



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Divine – Strain Name Prior to the VINE variant selection

Right: Divine is ((Pakistan Valley Male x Chem OG) x Chem OG)
Seeds are stable and grow into vines, those medium size being the strongest.
The flowers are about 1cm round, with a complex sweet diesel flavour,
The plant grows in areas of low light.

The plants ability to grow on flat profile is being explored.
Productivity is low, but plant can use any space to grow.



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Two more Divine phenotypes used for cuttings.

This plant will keep growing as long as days are long, and flower as long as days are short.
Outside the flowers are extremely dense and keep developing very slowly with a pink tinge.
This strain starts with very pale green trunk, turning yellow after a few months of growth.



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As far as a plant being happy in the Hot Semi Desert environment, it would be ChemOG.
For some reason the environmental compatibility is extremely good.
It is the reason why I used it in breading, and intend to keep using it.

Gorilla also preforms well with hot climate and forms dense buds.

The Afghani #1 grew exceptionally strong and healthy with massive joined flower.
Pakistan Valley male was also a strong plant, above average health.

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Update to journal about Vine Growth Habits.

As noted, the females come in different lengths:
1 meter version has highest THC, in general.
1.5 meter version has stronger flavour, lateral branching.
A third version grows longer and flavour is very strong.


The males have masses of leaves, on upright branched plants.
The branches grow very tightly together and shade out centre of plant.
It seems that tall males may be counterpart to tall females, but only this grow may confirm.
Short Males all have much rounder trunk then their taller Counterpart.


LOG: Has exceptionally round trunk, and is the shortest male found.
I have LOG, and two other taller Vine males ready to release pollen.
LOG will be used for my Vine/BB/Gorilla Breading program.
The taller males will be used for Larger Vine females Pollen, to keep tall lines.

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Vine-S_ Small size variant

The small variant is high in THC, and similar in structure to many cannabis strains.
The second photo is my original Vine-S_ Small size variant that was seeded and then reversed back into growth.

In regards to reversing plants, some books and copy/paste statements online claim the second crop on a reversed plant will be less. Rather than writing pages of explanation, I will just say bull shit :)




Original Vine-S_ Small size variant that was seeded and then reversed back into growth.
I tie down and manipulate plants that will benefit, as seen here; it has forced spurs into branches.


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Vine-M_Mid size variant

The Mid variant grows over 1 meter tall and develops right angle branching along trunk after 2-3 months.
Vine tends to develop stronger flavours on larger slow developing plants.

Note: The Large variants grow a single leader meters in length, before development of short fruiting spurs. (Refer to prevous images)

Vine-M_Mid size variant


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