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"linke" (left wing party) wants legalisation in germany!

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Hey guys, the german left-wing party "die linke" wants the legalisation of cannabis! Every Citizen should be allowed to possess 30g legally.

Anyway- i think the "linke" talks very much and does too less. As all politicians... but let's see what happens, its the right step!



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they won't make it, for sure... unfortunately. too many narrow-minded and conservative people in germany. they like to drink alcohol until they puke, but cannabis... uuhhh "it's as bad as heroin!" but maybe it makes a move in the right direction. the "christian" party rules at the moment and they are as conservative as their coalition partner (fdp, party of the rich).

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Each politican u voted and giving u promise should conclude a deal with voters, so when he/she/whatever don't do nothing he promised u are able to suck him from this job, and no exception about it!

Good 30, let they try 60 so they can down to 30 when come to argue later.

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there's the recording of the debate. There are some really, really good arguments to legalize cannabis. wow, i fell in love with mrs. dr. nicole krumdiek, she's got beautiful arguments :D :D

so, everybody, who understands german SHOULD REALLY watch this!!! sadly, the media tells ONLY almost only about the anti legalization arguments!!! Its a shame!!

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