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working in amsterdam??

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anyone here know how easy/difficult it is to get a job and live in amsterdam?

any info would be great

lol defintaly consider an option in the nxt few years

am planning on visiting for 1 or 2 weeks in june with a couple buddies,

so atleast ill get a good idea of what it like

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To work in cannabis industry, as it is what you seam to want to do, i think it is tough in Dam, you know you have probably most of the best canna growers that must ask for job in dam everyday, i think admin told me once they had more than hundreds of request for a job really often.

Amsterdam has been cannabis capital for a long year, and so i think job market must be overloaded in demands but not much offers... And most of the job is not done in amsterdam but in country like spain.

And in between s lol, you'd rather have to learn spanish than speak Netherlands barbarian language LOL ;)

But nothing is impossible, perhaps you have a lucky starand you will quicklyfind a job where you want in what you want, but growing a few plants outdoor in africa is not the same as working in cannabis idustry, you'll have to prove your value and skill.

Good luck to you ;)

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Thanks for the info dust it doesnt nessacarliy have to be a job in the cannabis industry (although i would prefer it to be haha, but im not an expert grower by any means lol) just are jobs in genral difficult to get? Working in the stockfeed industry at the moment and am also a qualified welder so i can look into that when i visit. Love barcelona so might look in to that too, although a couple friends a lived there before and they say its tough, but what country isnt tough these days lol?

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hmm Welding is a good job every country needs welder! I'm thinking of learning welding for real too i only weld small things that don't need much resistance ^^

Then in all the jobs i don't know perhaps you can find easily if you speak their language. I think it is scorro that leaves in holland maybe some others too will be able to help you ;)

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Hey bro! I am a welder too. :D What qualifications do you have? I am a pipe welder TIG and Electrode sometimes MIG but thats not much. We're do you come from? Because most foreign countries got other qualifications then we have. For example polish people doesnt have same qualifications as we have so wont be able to get work without the right qualifications. Good welders are too short in the Netherlands so there's a good possibility you will get a job.

If you are really planning to come here maybe i can help you out because i know lot of companies around here that needs welders.


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yeah if you really want to move to holland tho look for a job outside of the cannabis industry because when you apply for your working visa it or even citizenship your gonna have to put what job you have lined up for when you get there plus like dust said the cannabis industry in holland is swamped with people wanting to get involved in it so the likely hood of you getting a job lined up befor you even move there is next to impossible unless you know somebody. from what ive heard its accually pretty difficult to move to holland and find a job unless you have family there already then its pretty easy my old boss and good friend has family grandparents and aunts and uncles and he went on vaction to help out the family and desided to stay so him and his wife just never came back and he has a job and everything but he isent interested in working for a cannabis shop or anything like that he's in construction.

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Cool Electro! I didnt knew it was changed but i will check my last certificate summary if its different. All our certificates are valid for 6 months then it has to be renewed. Some materials i dont weld for 6 months i have to renew. All welds for certificate are checked with X-ray.

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thanks scorro, ive got qualifications for Arc, TIG, MIG, and oxyacetaline. i got these in Zimbabwe lol, i know i can defnitaly get a job in the UK and Australia with these qualifications, but it might be different for Netherlands ill have to try find out somehow. did you do coded welding tests?

what is a welding job like in the Netherlands? hard?

pay enough to keep a roof over your head lol?

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Yes i did do coded welding tests but i dont know wich code standards they use at my company because i never had to know that. I am going to look at that after the weekend because i leave my work at work. Its can be a hard job sometimes with very less space to weld but most of the time we dont have a hard time. :D It really depends on what factory you have to work for your company and how good the pipe fitter is. When you are a good welder its possible to earn above average salary. ;)

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Hey Scorro,

I would like to know if you get drug tested in the Netherlands as a welder? If so, to what extent? Will you get in trouble if you smoked a joint on the weekend?

Best Regards 



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