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"GREENOMATIC87" Auto Bomb test

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i just got my auto bomb seeds, insanely fast considering i only asked for them less then two weeks ago but couldent have come at a better time i have one green o matic finnishing up so i will plant this very soon!!! also i just thought i'd mention i love how discret the packaging was putting the seeds in a dvd case brilliant i was even alittle confused at what it was and ive been expecting the seeds arrival thanks alot to fuzzy, franco and everyone at greenhouse seed co!!!


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I stay here to look your growth greenomatic

I had a bad experience with autos of Buddha Seeds,but this time i will try again with autos of GH and 3th generation auto seeds of SS.

Have a good crop man ;)

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the test seeds are still feminized right? im just wondering because i gotta pick up the soil and new pots tommorow. man am i excited to get these seeds popping checking out the info on this strain i think it should be a very nice smoke i havent tryed big bang but its an award winner so im sure its great and the green o matic was some very nice smoke right up my alley with the mild long lasting high and the production is very nice not the biggest yeilder ever for an auto plant but its short bushy stature makes it possible to get sufficient light to all the bud site's even with lower wattage like i use resulting in less fluffy popcorn buds and shake and more sizable dense nugget's. If this auto bomb is anything like its parents i have a feeling i will be really satisfied. and with the fact that i got these seeds so quickly im gonna plan on having a harvest date for right around 420!!! so i literally couldent have asked for better timing

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alright so that final green o matic plant i was finnishing off has been cut down today i think the third one i did was the best so far it looks like my yeild has increased i will post pictures later tonight but now that my room is empty i can set up this auto bomb grow. tommorow im gonna start germination so exspect the first pic's one week from today!!!

alittle info on my set up:

lights - 2 150w sunsystems hps lamps

ventilation - 1 14 inch rotating desk fan and an open window to supply fresh air and keep the temps down.

temperature - is kept at inbetween 25 and and 29 degree

fertilizer - dutch nutrient forumula 2 part gro and bloom nutrients

water - once the plant is full into flowering i feed the plants ruffly 5 1/2 L's of tap water per plant. the water has a fixed ph of 6

light schedule- 20 hrs on 4 of the hole time

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i got empty closet itis last night and desided i had enough material on hand to get this grow going. After along hard moment of contemplation i desided that i so far have a 100% ratio of germination by just planting the seeds asshole up and watering insted of the paper towel method i desided on this because i am a smoker and i dont think it would be a good idea for me to handle the seed in anyway, and i didnt have any latex gloves on hand.

I'm trying a new method for me with these plants, i have been told transplanting with auto flowers wasent a good idea but i did it with my last green o matic and she was the better looking of the two i did. now i havent heard much about jiffy pots before for cannabis but i figure they should work fine and the fact that the pot degrades meens the transplanting will be alittle less stressful for the plant im thinking. my soil is just a mixture of peat moss, compost , and perlite and the jiffy cups are made of peat moss and sphagnum when i transplant i am gonna add alot more perlite to the medium to increase drainage because all the peat moss holds alot of water . Although for me thats not nessasarly a bad thing because on my last grow i used miracle grow soil and i woud give my plants 5 L flushes and the soil would be dry in like 2 and a half days but my closet gets up to 29' c at times. Does anyone have any suggestions of things i could do to cut down on the water absorption if it becomes an issue ?

this is a write out of the ratios of nutrients in dutch nutrient formula 2 part gro and bloom :

Gro A



Soluable Potash…........2%


Gro B



Available Phosphate..…1%

Soluble Potash………….3%


Bloom A





Bloom B



Available Phosphate..….0.5%

Soluble Potash………....…3%


the seeds are planted in my closet i will post pictures most likely tommorow or on thursday when they sprout in the mean time here are some pictures of the green o matic plant i just harvested 2 days befor harvesting. alittle info on the plant this plant is proof that with good genetics even the biggest fuck ups can work them selfs out. you might notice this plant has two cola tops, and while this looks pretty i can assure you i did not do this on purpose. one night while i was sleeping my fan died i woke up to the smell of a roasting plant this happened early in flowering and only 3 of the top fan leafs and the very top of the main cola was burned but when i say burnt i meen to a crisp so i cut awa the crispy stuff and she bounced right back barely even skipped a step.


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alittle side note when it says in my nutrients potash and soluble potash some times labeled as white potash that sounds organic really companies use potash as another term for potassium oxide and soluble potash is potassium chloride just different forms of potassium in an organic fertilizer potash would be made from wood ash soaked in water if im not correct on this please clear this up for me but this is how ive understood it.

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very nice looking gom man

What you did on top, is a unvolunteer Tokage burn lol, some of us do it on purpose her on the forum it gives bud like that, but yours is nice ;)

For your water, as long as you have a good dry soil before watering, no matter if it takes 2 days or 4 your plants will like it ;) principal is to have DRY/wet cycle ;)

Bu try to adjust your amount of waterso that you don't give too much, for 11L pots for 3 days you can give 0,5L or 1L, it should be ok,but you have to adjust depending on plants

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it happened right when the first actual flowers started so about 25 days before harvest maybe less. yeah when i say 5 L's of water i meen i flush and feed the plants differently i dont no if this is the write way tho on the green house grow sessions the videos it sounds like every time they water they flush but the only water once every 7 days. what i do with my last plants was i had them gallon or 2 gallon pots then i wait until when i stick my finger in the soil is dry past mh 2nd knuckle then if im feeding i taking about 2 and a half L's of water with my 2 part bloom formula and i give it to the plant slowly by the time i finish the second last cup water starts coming out the bottom when i finnish watering i let the plant sit in the tray full of run off water and i let it absorbe through the bottom of the tray. when i do a flush i wait till the plant is dry then i take 5.5l's of water they i let site out for 24 hrs and has a ph of 6 and i take te 2 and a half L's i feed it to the plant slowly like before but once i finnish i let it sit for a little while then once most of the water in the run off tray is absorbed i take the other 2.5 l's i feed it all though i do like .8 L's stop .8 l stop .8 l stop but i only stop long enough for the water to drain off the top and for th soil to settle once i poured the last bit out then i take the water in the run off tray and i dump it. i do the flush once ever second or possble three feedings depending on the ph and look of the run off. my feeding schedule befor was once ever 3 to 4 days but this time around im aiming for once a week full flush every time .

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ok, the most common rules for flush is 3x the contenance of your pots ( for 11L pots it will be 33L) of course that's a rule you don't have to follow at the line, personally i find 20L is far enough for 11L pots.

On the gh video it seems they always flush because they don't show every watering lol, they are growing in "hand watered hydro" it's a soil mix that need to be watered like soil, exept that the medium is closer to hydro. so i'm guessing they must water every 2 days or perhaps everydays i don't know.

But anyway if you do the 3 flushes, it doesn't let much space for other watering it's normal. that's why they have to be done nicely ;)

I'm gonna tell you MY way of flushing, so it's not THE way, only mine take it as you want ^^

I have 11L pots, as i told you before i give minimum 20L in the shower of hard water with no ph control, i just make the shower run, at good temperature and stay like that until 20l are more less gone thru.

Then, once everything that should have run off has runned off, i put 3 4L of PH controled water with a 2ml/L of all the nutes i usually give. Why 3 4L? so that way i'm sure it will go everywhere in the pots, push the non balanced water in the running off water and only leave the mid-feeding solution with good PH, and then next day my girls always have exploded ;)

And please try to add some space in your text, it really is dificult to read long text like that. Thank you

Have a great grow ;)

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yeah man ill write in spaces if its that big of a deal i just have very bad writing skills i always got in shit at school for it run on sentences and not being able to form proper paragraphs

but anyways the grow videos your right they only exsplain the flushing schedule but they say from week 2 till 6 for the flowering they flush 3 times and let the plant dry out for 6 to 7 days that leads me to believe that for most of the flower they almost exclusively flush.. but they do both hyrdo and soil grows for like half of the videos like most of the indica plants great white shark, el nino, train wreck which is apperently there highest producing soil plant. ive got like 8 trainwreck seeds lying around i cant wait to grow them out the seeds are the second biggest in my collection aside from the eva seeds tnt kush. but yeah the grow videos have soil hydro comparisons but the hydro is allways full nutrients and the soil is alway pure organics just fed water.

i dont no if youve seen the video ofor jack herer but at the very end insted of showing the dryed bud they show three massive towering jack herer plant that where grown in soil im tallking bud busters that are like between 6 and 10 feet tall maybe even larger. i wish they would show how they got those results tho. check this fuckin trainwreck / super lemon haze grow out you will shit you pants when you see the amount of massive colas on these plants. the guys got 2 super lemon haze plants e gets over 500 grams off of and he gets over 500 grams off 1 trainwreck plant with a 600 watt hps pre plant , it isent a soil grow tho the guy uses rockwell like soil and just adds the nutrients every night heres a link

you have to sign in to view this video
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im just thinking about this man 1000 grams of dried marijuana buds and a half pound off shake buds to make hash out of off three plants thats more then a years worth of marijuana for me i smoke ruffly 2 or 3 grams a day 3 grams a day is 1095 grams of marijuana but ill say conservatively i smoke ruffly 950 grams a year because i dont smoke 3 grams everyday but i almosty always smoke at least 2 grams or 4 half grams spliffs. i meen its obvious the guy tops the shit out of his plants but its gotta be more then just that. speaking of which i know you shouldent top an autoflower plant but i just heard about another similar technique called fim pruing of the fuck i missed techique does anyone know anything about this technique and if its smart to try this with an auto flowering plant i wanna find a way to encourage the side branches to catch up alittle more to the main cola any suggestions?

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hi man, thanks for the space really helps ;)

About that video very nice, his plants look like Superbluehaze plants, and yeah i think i would do a year with that too!! Most on the time thos plants are in hydro and fimed as you said. Fim, if i don't mistake is simply at a certain stage like when your plant have 6 8 llevels of leaves, you cut the top of your plant just above the last noeds of your plants, then all your secondary leaves and particurly the 2 4 last noeds, will grow more vigorously and give you multi-tops like on the video.

Now for a plant like he did, he must have vegged them for AT LEAST 8 weeks, if not more, and he must have a good set of light above too ;)

About the autoflowering and FIM i don't think it's a good idea, not saying it can't be done, perhaps it can, but autoflowering will begin flowering very short time after you cut her top, cause you have to wait for your plant to have minimum 4 stage of leaves to cut, and that's minimum, i suggest you leave more. And so i don't think she'll really have time to develop her side branches enough to be interesting, but hey give it a try and tell us it's the best way to know ;)

good luck ;)

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yeah i think im gonna give it a shot on one of my plants but your right i doubt they will get that high in time. yeah i noticed that too like the trainwreck he says is from green house but those buds look nothing like the trainwreck buds ive seen from greenhouse i can't speek for super lemon haze thos because ive never smoked or seen a mature plant of that stuff altho that strain does sound incredible.

one more question when you say flowering you meen the main flowers right because with auto flowers i tend to see pre flower inbetween the 2 and 3rd week. but the way im gonna do the fim technique is the way from the hightimes gro like a pro video this technique is described 35 mins into the video . its a really good somewhat new grow video it has indoor and outdoor cultivation in a multitude of different settings if you have 2 hours to kill it's definatly entertaining viewing.


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What's the point of top or fim in autos since is stun to plant and this takes time for plant to recover from it. Autos is all about fast, doing this u taking that time away. Is posibble but not worth, do nice lst training to get something more then top and getting less.

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good video but i didn't see the FIM in it. But anyway i told you not good idea on auto like elektro and mapple said too.

it's all Up to you ^^

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yeah ive heard its not good but i meen for me im growing 6 plants for personal so if one doesent produce much im not gonna sweat it. i just wanna see if its possible to even out the side branchs with the main cola but because i know this probably will hinder the yeild f the plant im only gonna try it on one of the six. Dust if you wanna see the part i was talking about its at 35 mins but basically all he does is show you the difference between topping and fiming. he clams the fuck i missed technique is when you cut off 80 percent of the top insted of the hole thing so it looks like a fresh cut lawn. he says this causes the main colas growth to be stunted and helps the side branchs to catch up.

the only reason im even considering trying this is because when i burned my last plant and had to chop the very top of the main cola off it rebounded really quickly cause i made very quick and clean cuts but that was already so far into flowering it didnt have the same effect. i know people are gonna say im stupid for trying this but i meen this is a test grow so wheres the fun in it if i dont try different methods but im definatly gonna use some lst on a few others as well.and if it doesent work out people who view this will know not to try it.

they are taking a super long time to sprout ive never had to wait 3 and a half days before. 2 of them are just barely breaking the soil light just the tip of the soil. o yeah if anyone was wondering that green o matic plant i posted the picture of yeilded alittle over an ounce of dried bud.

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no one will say you are stupid ;) I myself do some experience sometimes too, even if i know i could do better, that's how you make your own exeprience, it's the most important ;)

Don't forget to share your experience with us ;)

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alright folks the mayhem begins. I am proud to report my germination rate is still at 100% as tonight all six have sprouted. i have 4 auto bomb's to start with and 2 auto flower power plants a friend gave to me. im actually supprised they germinated because the package of seed's they came from was really old.

im doing sort of a rotation harvest at 1 month and 1 week im gonna sprout more and add them to the mix. my plan is at 1 month and 1 week im gonna sprout 2 more auto bombs then when they are almost done im gonna sprout the last 2 auto bombs along with 2 green o matics and 2 auto big bangs. so its far to say this is gonna to be a very long thread!!! the reasoning for this is i'm a medical grower and i grow for personal so i need more then one strain at a time so i got one indica strain and one sativa dominate hybrid and my lights can only really handle 6 mature auto flowering plants at a time

i also wanted to show people interested in growing autos 1 strain grown in different mediums and different techniques then at the end grow the auto bomb and its parent strains so i can compare the two in apperance and finally the smoking to see what characteristic's the 2 strains hold to this new auto bomb. so sit back and enjoy.

p.s. im sorry for the quality of these images im using a really old digital camera right now but i have a nokia digital SLR on the way with an auto focusing lens and micro capabilities. it should be here in 1 week or 2 at max!!! so in the mean time please bare with me.

day 1

auto bomb #1


auto bomb#2


auto bomb#3


auto bomb # 4


auto power plant # 1


auto power plant # 2


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