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LIVE from the SPANNABIS EXPO 2012 in Barcelona

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Thanks a lot to comment! we are really stoned!! all the people come and give and give....really good feelings with every boddy! great level grass!!

Sorry to no update more times but the connection ´s a shit...but we have a lot new ones, and someones to put later with good post and work on the photo, like yesterday when we smoke with the best maker hash, five cannabiscup winner, mother fucker this guy really brokeme, GREAT, symple GREAT! Dry old school hash, awesome smoth and strong!!

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Thanks guys!!!

All staff are fantastic, all days i very happy andd see

here a beautifull people ever.

Lol i dont know why cuervo with fan :)

Now i in airport , i very told ... need a fly lolol

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Awesome pics n vids! thanks for sharing Mr.X and Jose, giving us all an insight to the Spannabis Cup by the look of the things it went really well, i wonder how the grinder stocks are hehe

Hopefully il make my way there next year :)


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Good morning family!! and thanks for your words, yesterday I seelp 24 hours LOL!!

Now I´m fresh again! YEA! and have a lot photos and text to put, and have time to process, and expleind better our impressions.

I can say the people from GH are ALL great, we had wonderful moments, and long laughts at work and dinners,

thanks GH for letting me be part of this!

And THANKS you all the family on the forums, for the support and great energy!!

I´m working with the final photos for today, I hope you like!!

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back in Amsterdam!

The expo has been a great success, we had never seen so many people on the stand before.

Friday and Saturday it was complete madness, sunday still busy but not too crazy. In my estimate there were at least 25000 people over the three days. Will see what the official number is in a few days.

The feedback from Spanish growers was great, everybody loves our genetics!! And the crowd was very happy to see The Doctor back in our catalog (the plant is very famous in Spain since 2006).

Also the Powder Feeding attracted a lot of attention, people are really interested in trying it.

Barcelona is an amazing city: great people, great food, great clubs, great climate.... and great weed and hash!

Thanks to all my colleagues for the hard work, thanks to Jose and MrX for the multimedia frenzy, and thanks to all of you for following this crazy adventure on the forum....

looking forward to Spannabis 2013 already!

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