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LIVE from the SPANNABIS EXPO 2012 in Barcelona

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Well some photos more of the last day, Franco told perfect, a lot people coming, great feellings!! Something is really changing, smokers are unstoppables jajajja!






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Lol @ left guy on second pic xD

it's you on first?

jajajajjajaja this guy is really funny, the other guy is a secret.... :P

jajajaj sorry before I edit your post because I think I´m in quote, but mistake the bottom sorry...! More photos coming.. :D:wub:

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Hi friends!!

I was checking all the pictures to make a little video montage and I laughed a lot as remembering good times, it looks like they were yesterday! :lol:

This Five days have been fantastic, fantastic people and we met and all in a big familiar environment

. Green House Thanks for making this possible and thanks for make me part of this great

and beautiful family. Thanks also to all of you who have laughed and fun looking at the pictures of events

the Spannabis in Barcelona has been great read you every day and know you were here but we

separated thousands of miles, no problem with internet ;)

Now with the exhibition of the latest pictures, selection and retouching last best and make a video installation for all very very be fun.

Dust, this is a secret persom :lol: really is a no-human, he came from another planet to only smoke :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Very big hug, Jose

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haha very cool the last pic indeed! Don't you think the Blonde looks like arjan?

Thanks for all those pics X and Jose, and LOL@ the guy with Half his face hidden, tell him we recognized the other half :P:P

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Thanks a lot family!! for as is very important now we make enough good work, not easy because we are learning every day, but we put all our illusion. :wub:

Also I want give special thanks to Jose for all your help and been fantastic partner and friend. ;)



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hmm maybe if i shave my hair and have bear big enough and that i hit X hard enough on the head before the departure, i'll make it to steal his place for the hunt :P

muhahaha ;)

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That good that picture X!

And thanks for the dedication friend ;)

We are already working in the video and you'll soon growhd.com and youtube for all can

see this being funny :D

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lool, those photo could be used in cannabis and friends thread ^^

Nice X thanks for sharing this with us, seems like a stoned event ;)

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