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LIVE from the SPANNABIS EXPO 2012 in Barcelona

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Great pics. look at that piece of gum..Sweet as UG would say.


What is that ?

Cream or morrocan ?

These HD pictures look as if I could just pick it up..

Not possible, thou.

You guys R.O.C.K. !!!

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hehe nice work man it seems so peacefull in the beginning :)

maybe next year for me ;)

Thanks for the work everyone

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I got to say; Franco, Arjan, all the tight GHS insiders is one formidable team. Im amazed everytime I tune in to the activities old and new. The the GH Chicks are tops too. Its how I usually start my browse session here, I open up the first thing I see that has at least one of the chicks in it. I havent participated at all at the goings on in Cali. but When you guys get to the states for anything, I will track you down, Maybe franco will want to try some of my budder , a few seconds after a huge dab it feels like your launching an acid trip, but mellows in 10-15 minutes

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OK, some material more to check and vídeos for tomorrow, but mostly here, we hope you enjoyed! Thanks to comment! X.


Seems like Greenhouse seeds had the prettiest girls, lucky Arjan and franco :king:

jejejjeje shure :rabbi:

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Joer, el vivir en Canarias me priva de acceder a todas estas exposiciones, ya que cojer el avion sale una pasta gansa, pero se ve que estubo muy animado y vuestro chiringuito muy bien montando!

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Here we go.... I am checking the last details and I am ready to go.

I will fly to Barcelona this afternoon. I am excited, Spannabis is the most important Expo of the year for Green House Seed Company.

We expect around 40000 visitors, and it's going to be a busy weekend!

Tomorrow and Thursday we will build our HUGE stand, then friday morning the madness begins.

Stay tuned for LIVE updates, pics and info!

hello franco am cookie1978 i love yr site how about u send me some nice seeds and let me pot them up and show u what i can do with them peace out brother
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